Quest:The Ship-slaves

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The Ship-slaves
Level 130
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Automatic Quest Bestowal
Starts at Epic Battle: Retaking Pelargir
Start Region Pelargir
Map Ref [83.1S, 34.7W]
Ends with Automatic completion
Quest Group Retaking Pelargir
Quest Text


Some of the slaves the Corsairs use to row their boats have been left in manacles around the area. Find them all and free them of their chains to set back any chance of a Corsair escape.

Objective 1

  • Free the ship-slaves (0/6)

Find and free ship-slaves who are manacled throughout the area.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with empty Merit Rating.

Merit Gain:

  • Free fettered ship-slaves
  • Free all of them as quickly as possible