Quest:The Search for Thrymm

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The Search for Thrymm
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneberg
Starts at Scylfig
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [33.5S, 59.7W]
Ends with Gárwig
Ends at Lornsettle
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [37.8S, 61.0W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Writhendowns
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I know what I need to bear this grief. I need to see Thrymm's body properly buried.

'You saw yourself which way the giant threw him. Will you look for him, and bring him home to us? We should bear him to Forlaw then, for he is like a son to Reeve Gárwig.'


Cyneberg has recovered enough to ask that Thrymm's body be recovered for a proper burial.

Objective 1

Thrymm was hurled north-west by Núrzum.

You should look north-west of Scylfig for signs of Thrymm.

NOTE: This quest requires emotes.

This is a good place to look for Thrymmn
You cannot see Thrymmn's body, but something nearby catches your eye. Could it be Thrymmn's Horn?

Objective 2

  • Pick up the object that caught your eye

The item that caught your eye (a horn, perhaps) is just to the west of your last vantage point.

You should examine the item you spotted in the snow.

You recognize the horn instantly as Thrymm's own -- the horn he carries with him always...and below, upon the road, you see a body!

Objective 3

  • See if the body on the road below is Thrymmn

A body lies below the horn in the north-western Writhendowns, upon the road.

You should investigate the body, for it is likely Thrymm's.

This unlucky fellow is clearly not Thrymm. The hero of Wildermore is nowhere to be found.

Objective 4

Cyneberg is in Scylfig.

You should return to Cyneberg and show her the horn.

Cyneberg: 'Thrymm's horn! But not sign of Thrymm himself? Do not tell me this! My heart still thinks he is alive, but no one could have survived such a fall.'
'Gárwig must be told. I was hoping we could bear Thrymm's body to Forlaw to be buried there, but... we must deliver the horn instead.'
'I will meet you there, <name>. I must attend to my people, and then I will leave.'

Objective 5

Gárwig, the Reeve of Wildermore, can be found in Forlaw.

Cyneberg has asked you to deliver Thrymm's horn to Gárwig.

Gárferth: 'I bid you welcome! Cyneberg told us of your valour at Scylfig.'
Edsig: 'Cyneberg told us that you defended Scylfig like it was your own home. I thank you for that, <name>.'
Gárwig: 'More dead ... and you witnessed it all, stranger. News of your deeds has reached me, and I honour you fighting alongside my son Gársig.'
'More and more die, ever since this cold has set in. And now Gársig... Thrymm, Grimgar, Humbald ... and Cynegar, a Thane!'
'Thrymm was like a son to me, and I will keep his horn to honour him until the end of my line. I name it Winter's Horn, until a hero of Thrymm's ilk can claim it again.'