Quest:The Raiding Party

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The Raiding Party
Level 105
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Mordor Black-arrow
Start Region Beacon Hills
Map Ref [44.4S, 33.9W]
Ends with Remote Quest Advance
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Beacon Hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

An elite raiding party of Uruk-hai wander the Beacon Hills searching for the Rohirrim. Their tracking has taken them to the main road towards Taur Drúadan and soon they will be upon the Rohirrim War-stead if they are not dealt with swiftly.


An elite raiding party of Uruk-hai have been wandering the Beacon Hills, searching for the Rohirrim.

Objective 1

An elite raiding party of Uruk-hai can be found in the eastern edge of the Beacon Hills.

You should defeat the Uruk-hai raiding party.

Objective 2

  • Completed

Defeated the Uruk-hai raiding party.

You have defeated the Uruk-hai raiding party, and protected the Beacon Hills and the Rohirrim from their blades and arrows.