Quest:The Path of the Masterful Fist

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The Path of the Masterful Fist
Level 58
Type Solo
Starts with Bogifa
Starts at The Twenty-first Hall
Start Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [6.0S, 105.40W]
Ends with Sadreda
Ends at The Shadowed Refuge
End Region Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [13.1S, 101.1W]
Quest Group Warden
Class Warden
Quest Chain The Path of the Masterful Fist
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, your efforts to defend our homes and those of our allies have not gone unnoticed.

'I believe you have reached a measure of skill where such training as I can provide is simply inadequate.

'I know a warden who may be of great help to you, but it will be a dangerous journey to find him. Sadreda has heard your name and has requested that you meet him in the Foundations of Stone in Moria, where he is aiding the dwarves of the Iron Hills as they strive to reclaim those halls.'


Sadreda has summoned you into his presence.

Objective 1

Sadreda is at the Foundations of Stone in Moria.

You have been directed to speak with the great warden Sadreda.

Warden Trainer: 'The last I heard, Sadreda was seen at the dwarf-camp at the Foundations of Stone in Moria.'
Sadreda: 'Well met, Warden <name>. No doubt you have come here to learn from my own experiences defending home and country from the forces of the Enemy.
'I will be glad to show you what I know, but first we must at together to quell the forces of the Enemy here in Moria.
'Let us speak further and see how we an help one another.'