Quest:The Need to Survive

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The Need to Survive
Level 83
Type Solo
Starts with Gísling
Starts at Mead Hall of Garsfeld
Start Region Sutcrofts
Quest Chain Garsfeld
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings again, <name>. I have faith in my father's plan, but in order not to place too heavy a burden upon Snowbourn, many of our rations must travel with the crofters.

'Our rations are stored about the town, but I need you to gather them for me, so that Albryt, Odnoth, and I can begin stowing them for the journey.

'Return to me when you have gathered the rations.'


Gísling requests your aid in making ready to evacuate the crofters from Garsfeld.

Objective 1

Food-stores can be found scattered about Garsfeld and inside the homes of the town.

Gísling wants you to gather food-stores in preparation to evacuate Garsfeld. He has asked that you try to avoid the attention of the crofters so as not to incite panic.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gísling at the Mead Hall of Garsfeld

Gísling awaits your return in the Mead Hall of Garsfeld.

You should bring the rations you collected to Gísling.

Gísling: 'We shall stow these rations away for the journey. Thank you for your aid, <name>.'