Quest:The Kergrim Stalk Haudh Valandil

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The Kergrim Stalk Haudh Valandil
Level 40
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Haudh Valandil
Start Region Annúminas
Map Ref [16.2S, 69.6W]
Quest Group Annúminas
Quest Text


Ost Elendil, the great palace of the kings of old, is on the island beyond the bridge of Ariant] At its base is the entrance to Haudh Valandil, the tomb of Valandil son of Isildur. I fear that the tomb, long-undisturbed, has become the home to great evils: both of Angmar's design and otherwise.

Have you seen the vile creatures known as Kergrim? They are believed to be some relative of the cave-claw, but more prone to disease and the desecration of hallowed places.

Some of these beasts have come to Haudh Valandil, and they must be cleared from the tomb, especially their brute of a leader: Shingrinder, he is called, and he is vile. You will do this, <name>, if you honour the ancient places of the Dúnedain, and you will return to me with news of your success. If I have been drawn elsewhere, report instead to Captain-General Daerdan at Echad Garthadir, the Ranger-encampment here in the city.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Kergrim in Haudh Valandil (0/20)
  • Defeat Shingrinder

Kergrim stalk Haudh Valandil, the tomb on the island beyond the bridge of Ariant, in Annúminas.

Glangilith has asked you to defeat the kergrim that stalk the depths of Haudh Valandil, including their leader Shingrinder.