Quest:The Harpist of Felegoth

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The Harpist of Felegoth
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Hithlos
Starts at Felegoth
Start Region Felegoth
Map Ref [47.8N, 127.3W]
Ends with Hithlos
Ends at Felegoth
Quest Chain Eryn Lasgalen
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hail, good <race>. The time draws ever near for the departure of our king to the Undying Lands. This is no time for gloom though. No, it is a time of celebration. Evil has been vanquished and the wood will be the realm of the Wood Elves once more.

'I am a musician of the great halls of Felegoth. My harp rings bright and true through the caverns around us. I play each day, songs of old and songs of joy. Today there is a problem though. I seem to have lost my harp. I lost not just my harp, but also many of the items that make each performance a great experience. For added ambience I prefer to play with my vase, my goblet, and my box, just in case a passer-by provides a gracious donation.

'If you could find these items for me, I shall fill these halls with the sweet sounds of my harp.'


Hithlos, a musician in Felegoth would like to perform his uplifting music, but seems to have misplaced his harp.

Objective 1

  • Find Hithlos' lost items (0/4)

Hithlos's vase, goblet, box, and harp can be found in Felegoth.

You should seek out Hithlos's lost items.

VASE "A pleasant-looking vase."
GOBLET "A well-crafted goblet."
ELVISH BOX "An ornate box of Elvish design."
HARP "A harp in the shape of a swan."
Found the vase!
Found the goblet!
Found the box!
Found the harp!

Objective 2

  • Bring the objects you found to Hithlos

Hithlos can be found in Felegoth.

You should bring the items you found to Hithlos.

Hithlos: 'You have found my belongings. I am indebted to you. I must be more careful and not misplace these precious items again.
'Now, something is missing. Yes, my vase needs fresh flowers in it. If you could make haste to the gardens here in Felegoth, there should be some nice golden flowers to fill the vase.'

Objective 3

  • Pick flowers (0/7)

Flowers can be found in the gardens of Felegoth.

You should pick flowers for Hithlos's vase.

FLOWERS "Lovely golden flowers."
Picked flower (7/7)

Objective 4

  • Put the flowers in Hithlos's vase

Hithlos's vase can be found beside him in Felegoth.

You should put the flowers in the vase for Hithlos.

Placing ...

Objective 5

  • Talk to Hithlos

Hithlos can be found in Felegoth.

You should talk to Hithlos.

Hithlos: 'Now I am ready. Let the music begin.'