Quest:The Fool's Letter

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The Fool's Letter
Level 60
Type Solo
Starts with Hadhelen
Starts at The Vineyards of Lórien
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [18.6S, 63.8W]
Ends with Andiriniel
Ends at Lady's Rest
End Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [16.4S, 70.0W]
Quest Group Lothlórien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Perchance could you do me a discreet favour, <name>. There is a woman I was supposed to meet by the Lady's Rest, just a short ways south-west of the gates of Caras Galadhon, but I do not think I will be able to make it. I was hoping you could take this letter to her for me.

'Please forgive me for pressing this upon you...I would never do so were the situation not so urgent!

'I...I have work to do now....'


Hadhelen has written a letter to Andiriniel, whom he was supposed to meet at the Lady's Rest.

Objective 1

Andiriniel is at the Lady's Rest, south-west of the gates of Caras Galadhon.

Hadhelen asked you to deliver his letter to Andiriniel.

Hadhelen: 'Have you delivered my letter to Andiriniel yet? Please do hurry.'
Andiriniel: 'What is this? A letter for me? I was not expecting anything of the sort.
'Very well, let me see what this mysterious message is about....'
Andiriniel opens the letter and reads its contents, an expression of anger stealing across her face as she finishes the missive.
Andiriniel says, "How dare he! It has been over twenty years since I have been able to make the journey from Rivendell, and he has the gall to send a messenger in his stead!?"
Andiriniel says, "I shall send him a message that he will not soon forget!"
Hadhelen says, "Andiriniel! Wait! I am here!"
Hadhelen says, "Please wait! I am sorry, I... I wasn't thinking clearly. I should have come sooner."
Andiriniel says, "Oh really? Is that what you think?"
Andiriniel says, "Perhaps after three hundred years I have come to prefer the distance afforded by an impersonal letter delivered by a complete stranger!"
Hadhelen says, "Please let me make amends my love! You know how hard this sort of thing is for me..."
Andiriniel says, "Oh get up, Hadhelen. If I did not truly love you, I would hardly take the time to berate you for your absurd behavior, now would I?"
Hadhelen says, "No, I... I suppose you would not."
Andiriniel says, "Come then my foolish Elf, and let us discuss your shortcomings in some more private setting, shall we?"
Hadhelen says, "As you wish, my dear Andiriniel."