Quest:The Dreaded Day

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The Dreaded Day
Level 89
Type Solo
Starts with Sparhafoc
Starts at Fenmarch Mead Hall
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [66.6S, 56.7W]
Quest Group Fenmarch
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This is a family matter that I do not wish to involve others in, but I cannot bring myself to tell Meregyth what I have long known.

'Now that Éomer is heir to the throne of Rohan, he is to marry a lady of much higher station, not the daughter of a marsh-lord.

'If you could talk with her, it would remove a burden from my heart. Pick an arrangement of arrowhead, a flower which grows around Fenmarch, and deliver it to her along with my message.'


Thane Sparhafoc cannot bring himself to tell his daughter, Meregyth, that Éomer will most likely not wed her, now that he is heir to the throne of Rohan.

Objective 1

  • Collect arrowhead (0/5)

Arrowhead grows in Fenmarch, east of Aldburg.

Thane Sparhafoc has asked you to deliver a message to his daughter Meregyth, but he first wants you to collect an arrangement of arrowhead to help soften the disappointment she is certain to feel.

Objective 2

Meregyth will most likely be found just west of the Mead Hall in Fenmarch.

You have gathered an impressive bouquet of Arrowhead to give to Meregyth. Now you must deliver it and Thane Sparhafoc's message.

You have located Meregyth. She is just ahead on the dock

Objective 3

Meregyth can be found on a dock west of the Fenmarch Mead Hall.

Deliver the arrowhead-arrangement and the message from her father, Thane Sparhafoc, regarding the unlikelihood that Éomer will still wed her now that he is heir to the throne of Rohan.

Meregyth: Meregyth accepts the flowers from you and listens intently to what you have to say.
'Éomer will not marry me...?'
Meregyth hangs her head as a tear rolls off her cheek and onto the dock.

Objective 4

Thane Sparhafoc is in the Fenmarch Mead Hall.

After receiving her father's distressing news, a devastated Meregyth ran off. You should inform Thane Sparhafoc that you have delivered the unfortunate tidings.

Sparhafoc: 'I knew this would break her heart. I simply could not bring myself to tell her.
'Thank you for delivering such unfortunate tidings. Hopefully when she has calmed herself, she will return in better spirits.
'Now we have more dire matters to attend to.'