Quest:The Deadliest Punch is the First

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The Deadliest Punch is the First
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with
Paper Sheet 3 (quest)-icon.png
The Deadliest Punch is the First
Ends with Hunward
Ends at Trader's Wharf
End Region The Wildwood
Map Ref [21.4S, 61.5W]
Quest Group Brawler
Class Brawler
Quest Chain Brawling Lessons
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue


Folk around Bree-town have been discussing a curious fellow who passed through town recently. Rohirric, they thought he was, name of Hunward, and he headed north in the direction of the Wildwood. I think he was a Brawler same as us, <name>! You'd better go see if you can find him. Like as not he'll have some useful skills to impart!

I expect you'll find him at Trader's Wharf.

Brom Hawksbeard


Brom Hawksbeard has heard that another Brawler such as you was seen travelling through Bree-land, heading north

Objective 1

  • Bring the letter to Hunward at Trader's Wharf

Brom Hawksbeard wrote to you, telling you to seek out a Rohirric Brawler by the name of Hunward. Hunward was seen heading for Trader's Wharf in the Wildwood.

Hunward: 'Ah you seek instruction in the finer points of brawling? That you know such things exist proves you are a Brawler like few others! Most think it as simple as punching first with your left hand and then with your right, but there is a great deal more to it than that, as you and I are both well aware!
'I am pleased to hear of your willingness to learn. Many underestimate the danger of a competent Brawler; sometimes, the deadliest punch is the first one you throw against such a foe!