Quest:The Anvil of Winterstith

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The Anvil of Winterstith
Level 120
Type Raid
Starts with Automatic at 120 (after finishing Quest:The State of the Expedition)
Start Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Quest Group The Anvil of Winterstith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Word has reached you that Karazgar is on the move, and the Zhélruka in Skarháld are concerned he may return soon. Hórin is leading a company to investigate, and has asked for you by name.


Scouts have spotted Karazgar flying toward the Withered Heath. It is clear his schemes are not yet at an end.

Objective 1

Hórin wishes to speak with you.

He can be found within Skarháld.

Hórin: ' <name>, I see my call has reached your ears! Good!
'The time has come to prove you are a true friend to the Zhélruka. Inek has tasked me with leading a hunting party, and I want you among its members. Our prey: The Weeping Warrior! His attack against Skarháld must not go unanswered. And, we must not wait for him to gather his strength and return as he so promised! No, we will find him, and we will disrupt his plans now, or we may as well abandon our plans in these mountains.
'One of my scouts has sent word that he was seen, and so we will follow. I will leave shortly for the Wyrmgap with what warriors I can gather. Meet me there.'

Objective 2

Hórin has gone to the Wyrmgap to meet his scout.

You should head to the Wyrmgap and speak to Hórin.

Hórin: 'Karazgar and his drake were spotted flying north, to the Withered Heath. He must be heading towards the Anvil of Winterstith!
'This is terrible, <name>. The Anvil is crawling with frost drakes, and we know that it has re-opened. If Karazgar adds their number to his forces, he will be unstoppable, and if the rumours are true, the Herald of Winter herself may be there!
'Wait, who is that? Did you bring someone with you?'
Four familiar faces step forward behind you.

Objective 3

Nori would like you speak with you.

You should talk to Nori.

Nori: ' <name>, we followed as quickly as we could when we heard you were going to track down Karazgar with the Zhélruka. I would ask a favour of you.'
Nori looks slightly uneasy and hesitates before speaking again.
'As you know, we failed in the task given to us by King Thorin. We were unable to bring down that cursed drake Vethúg Wintermind when we encountered him in Thikil-gundu. I blame myself for this. If Dori and the others had not come, I would surely have perished in that ancient keep. If you are going to face him and Karazgar, I ask that you do what we could not, and bring back a bone from Vethúg's broken corpse.'
He looks to his brother. Dori nods.
'I am shamed to ask this of you, as Dori and I have decided our adventuring days are behind us. Please, do this for us, so we may return to Erebor with honour.'
Náth steps forward to speak to you.

Objective 4

Náth would like to speak with you.

You should talk to Náth.

Náth: 'Those old Longbeards do not speak for us. Dréri and I would be glad to travel with you into the Anvil. The glory of facing Karazgar and the monstrous drakes within awaits!
'This is the perfect opportunity to repay Durin's Folk for their kindness, and try to make peace with the Zhélruka clan. Ah, but I fear they may need some convincing. Perhaps if you speak to them on our behalf, they will allow us to join their company.'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Hórin

The Stout-axes would like to join the company travelling into the Withered Heath.

You should talk to Hórin.

Hórin: 'What do those Longbeards and Stout-axes want? Why have they come?'
You explain that the Longbeards have their own score to settle with Vethúg Wintelmind, and the Stout-axes would like to go to the Anvil on their behalf.
'Hmph. I have no love for those vépro-vlasa Kambrada, but if you personally vouch for them, I will allow it. You have done enough for the Zhélruka clan that I trust your judgement. You had best prepare them; if the Herald of Winter is there, we travel into the jaws of death herself!
'If you are brave enough to face what may lie inside the Anvil, gather your forces, and meet us there.'

Objective 6

The dwarves are going ahead to find a way to the Anvil of Winterstith.

You should discover the entrance to the Anvil of Winterstith in the Withered Heath.

Discovered the entrance to The Anvil of Winterstith

Objective 7

Enter the Anvil of Winterstith through the Instance Finder panel.

Claim a bone from the corpse of Vethúg Wintelmind, and survive your expedition into the Anvil.