Quest:Task: Tough Branches

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Task: Tough Branches
Level 28
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Tasks Bulletin Board
Quest Group Task
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

[28] Wanted: Tough branches from the twisted creatures of nature in Haragmar and Agamaur. Bring them to Elsa the Bold at the Eglain-camp at Agamaur.


[28] Elsa the Bold, at the Eglain-camp in Agamaur, desires tough branches from the twisted creatures of nature found in Haragmar and Agamaur.

Objective 1

[28] * Collect tough branches (0/10) You accepted a task, for Elsa the Bold, to acquire tough branches from the creatures of nature within the swamp of Agamaur. You can find Elsa the Bold within the Eglain-camp at Agamaur.