Quest:Task: Polished Wings

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Task: Polished Wings
Type Solo
Starts with Tasks Bulletin Board
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

[49] Wanted: Polished wings from the birds in the area surrounding Echad Mirobel. Deliver the items to Maegamiel at Echad Mirobel in the southern section of Eregion.


[49] Maegamiel at Echad Mirobel has requested that polished wings be delivered to her at the Elf-ruins in the southern reaches of Eregion.


[49] * Collect polished wings (0/15) You accepted a task to deliver polished wings from the birds surrounding Echad Mirobel to Maegamiel. Maegamiel defends Echad Mirobel in the southern area of Eregion.