Quest:Stop the Scouts

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Stop the Scouts
Level 27
Type Solo
Starts with Hannar
Starts at Othrikar
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [7.2S, 44.9W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ever since we threw those cursed Dourhands out of Othrikar, they've been skulking around the area. We think they're planning to raid us and retake the mines!

'They have several large camps around the northlands, and they have scouts spying on us here as well as carrying messages between the camps.

'Soon we will be ready to move against the Dourhands directly, but for now I need you to put an end to this spying. Defeat as many of the Dourhands' scouts as you can find around Othrikar and the northlands of Nan Amlug.'


The Dourhands, an ancient, but declined dwarf-family, were recently outed from Thorin's Halls and the mines of Othrikar for their betrayal of Durin's Folk, the Longbeards. The rogue clan continues to be a nuisance in the North Downs.

Objective 1

There are Dourhand scouts scattered throughout the area around Othrikar and Nan Amlug.

In an effort to reduce the threat of the Dourhands becoming more than a nuisance, Hannar has asked you to put an end to the unhindered spying of the Dourhand scouts.

Hannar: 'The Dourhands' scouts have been spying on us long enough. I want you to put an end to it!'

Objective 2

  • Return to Hannar

Hannar is in Othrikar.

You successfully dealt with the Dourhand scouts, as Hannar had requested. You should return to Hannar with your report.

Hannar: 'I do not like the report you bring back of all the scouts who have amassed around Othrikar. The Dourhands are gathering in the hills...that much is clear. We must drive them out!'