Quest:Spoiled Pie from Woodhall

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Spoiled Pie from Woodhall
Level 9
Type Solo
Starts with Daisy Hornblower
Starts at Woodhall
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.3S, 65.6W]
Ends with Holly Hornblower
Ends at Hobbiton
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.2S, 71.1W]
Quest Group The Shire
Quest Chain Hot Pie Delivery
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Good day to you! Are you hungry? Could I offer you a bit of pie, perhaps? It was baked by my sister, Holly Hornblower, of Hobbiton. She's a wonderful cook!

'Bad berries? Oh, that poor thing! She's been fraying at the edges dealing with all the people wanting her pies. She should learn to say, "No" when people come about asking for one. Well I suppose you should take that pie there back to her in Hobbiton. Her home is north of the Hobbiton main square.

'Tell her she needs to rest some!'


Holly Hornblower of Hobbiton baked pies using spoiled berries and has asked you to bring any of the bad pies you find back to her. Daisy Hornblower of Woodhall had one such pie.


Holly Hornblower's home is north of the Hobbiton main square.

Daisy Hornblower has one of Holly's bad pies, which you should take back to her as quickly as possible. Make sure no hungry hobbits catch a whiff of the pie, as Holly doesn't want to be bothered with them asking for a slice, especially since she has to bake fresh pies for all her customers.