Quest:Spider Harvesters

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Creep-icon.png Spider Harvesters
Faction Creep
Level 120
Type Solo
Starting Loc Grimwood Lumber Camp
Start Soldier Golb [19.2S, 17.2W]
Ending Loc Hithlad
Ends Caragdal [19.0S, 18.6W]
Money Reward 13 Silver 44 Copper 
Rank change Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy (60)
Commendations Commendation-icon.png 60 Commendations
Repeatable Daily

Bestowal dialogue

'To the west, in a tower draped in the webs of their mistress lay a great spider. She will come to us and oversee the collection of wood through her minions if we beseech her aid.

'Go there now maggot and speak with her. Bid her draw the spiders from the tower to the woods surrounding this camp.

'Be quick!'


The Grimwood is secured for Angmar's purposes. To ensure that it remains this way, we must grow our forces and support.

You must draw the web-weavers from the nearby tower to come to Angmar's aid at the Grimwood Lumber Camp.

Objective 1

Caragdal can be found in the ruins near the Grimwood Lumber Camp, nesting amongst her brood.

Caragdal must be escorted safely to the Grimwood Lumber Camp.

Caragdal: 'Be swift. I will not suffer the slings and stones of those accused little folk any longer. The time has come to decimate their ilk and wipe the world clean for our conquest.'

Objective 2

  • pending


Objective 3

  • Return to Soldier Golb with news of your success

Soldier Golb is in the Grimwood Lumber Camp.

You should return to Soldier Golb with the news that Caragdal is on the move.

Golb: 'So Caragdal is on the move? If you weren't such a blubbering weakling, I'd say you were beginning to be of some worth to us here! At least you do not fail in all that you attempt. You have impressed me...for now.
'What are you looking at? Get back to work!'


  • 15 Silver 64 Copper 
  • Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy ( 60 )
  • 20 Commendation 

Walkthrough & Notes