Quest:Spears for Defence

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Spears for Defence
Level 73
Type Solo
Starts with Ardwyn
Starts at Forthbrond
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Map Ref [87.1S, 7.4W]
Quest Group Gap of Rohan: Isendale
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, there have been a number of harassing attacks by the Dunlendings that have hindered our supply lines. As a result, many of our men are woefully under-equipped.

'I intend to resupply my warriors by the same means that the Dunlendings have deprived us of our arms...will you travel south towards Brôntrig and recover spears from the Dunlending sentries there?

'Head west, then south along the base of Dol Baran until you reach Brôntrig.'


The Dunlending attacks have hindered the supply lines of the Rohirrim, leaving the Horse-lords woefully under-equipped.

Objective 1

  • Collect spears from Brôntrig (5)

Dunlending sentries can be found at Brôntrig, west and south of Forthbrond.

Ardwyn has asked you to sieze spears from the Dunlending sentries at Brôntrig and bring them back to Forthbrond.

Objective 2

  • Bring the Dunlending spears to Ardwyn at Forthbrond

Ardwyn is at Forthbrond, north and east of Brôntrig.

You should bring the spears you recovered to Ardwyn.

Ardwyn: 'You have been a great asset in preparing our men for what is to come. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for our good deeds.'