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Level 30
Type Fellowship
Starts with Landscape Quest
Starts at Hîsuk
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [15.6S, 37.1W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text


A large, armoured troll has been seen walking amongst the siege weapons overlooking the approach to the hills in the southernmost reaches of Dol Dínen. This great brute leads the trolls who maintain the siege-weapons at Dol Dínen.

Objective 1

The armoured troll Pakonka can be found within Hîsuk in the shadow of the mountain overlooking the valley of Dol Dínen, far to the south-east of Esteldín.

You should seek out the armoured captain of the trolls in Dol Dínen. With the death of their captain, the trolls will be thrown into disarray.

You ventured deep into the heart of the Orc-encampment at Dol Dinen and defeated the troll siege-master, Pakonka. His loss will hinder the Orc-army for at least a short while.