Quest:Shaky Foundations

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Shaky Foundations
Level 51
Type Solo
Starts with Wigfast
Starts at The Great Delving
Start Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [7.7S, 111.8W]
Quest Group Moria: The Great Delving
Quest Chain Goblins of the Great Delving
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The goblins of Gazatmur have stationed archers upon those platforms. Anyone who tries to attack them directly will be slaughtered. They will make the road perilous for those trying to move through the Great Delving.

'The platforms are of typical goblin-make, from what I've seen: clever idea, but shoddy. There is a major pin at the base of the shaft that holds the platforms up: pop that out with one or two good whacks of your trusty hammer, and the whole thing comes right down.'


The goblins have built a series of platforms from which their archers can rain arrows upon any attackers bold enough to confront them.

Objective 1

  • Destroy goblin-platforms (0/3)

The goblin-platforms are near the goblin camp of Gazatmur in the Great Delving.

Wigfast has asked you to bring down a few of the goblin's archer-platforms with a simple hammer.

Wigfast: 'Those archers are not going to stop shooting on their own. Go knock down a few of those platforms!'
Moria Spear-thrower says, "Nooo!"
Moria Spear-thrower says, "Curse you!"
The Moria Spear-thrower died.

Objective 2

Wigfast is at his hiding spot outside Gazatmur in the great Delving.

You should return to Wigfast and let him know that you have destroyed the goblin archer-platforms as he requested.

Wigfast: 'Good work, <name>. They will put those platforms back up sooner or later, but in the meantime, our forays against the goblins will be a little more successful without all those arrows raining down upon us!'