Quest:Serving the Summons, Part I

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Serving the Summons, Part I
Level 90
Type Solo
Starts with Fríthild
Starts at Mead Hall of Stoke
Start Region Broadacres
Ends with Ordlac
Ends at Mead Hall of Oserley
End Region Broadacres
Map Ref [45.2S, 67.2W]
Quest Group Stoke
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, I know what needs to be done, but I confess that I hesitate to do so. If we are to send aid to Théoden King, we must first break the siege upon Stoke...but to do that, we must muster the Thanes of the Broadacres, and I have no doubt that they, too, face the threat of assault.

'Nevertheless, it must be done. Speak with Grimmar, and he will provide you with signets to take to my thanes. Each signet bears the crest of their households, and they will know that it means we are in dire need of aid.

'Not far to the north-east lies Oserley, where dwells Ordlac. It is settled on an embankment leading down to the Entwash, so they may have not yet seen the smokes of the fires here. Ordlac is a pleasant fellow and likely will be the most ready to join our cause. You should go to him first.'


Stoke is crowded with refugees from outlying farms and even bordering parts of Kingstead and the Stonedeans. Livestock and horses join the press. All the while, Reeve Fríthild struggles to secure her town against the White Hand's siege.

Objective 1

Grimmar is in the Mead Hall of Stoke.

Fríthild told you to speak with Grimmar and obtain the signets with which to summon the Thanes of the Broadacres.

Grimmar: 'So Reeve Fríthild has decided to summon the thanes? I recommended that she do so days ago, but I understand her concerns. It may well be that Ordlac and Tordag will be unable to come in time.
'Nevertheless, here are the signets of Oserley and Torsbury. Fríthild told you of Ordlac, but not of Tordag. The Thane of Torsbury is brave and a mighty warrior, but he is not the most clever man. It took much for him to accept Fríthild -- a woman -- as Reeve when her husband perished, but since she broke his nose in a brawl, he has been a faithful retainer.
'May fortune smile upon you as you deliver these tokens. Go to Oserley first.'

Objective 2

  • Gain entrance to the Mead Hall of Oserley

Oserley lies along the road north-east from Stoke.

Fríthild has asked you to deliver a signet to Ordlac of Oserley, summoning him to her aid.

Éoric: 'Greetings, stranger! What news from beyond?
'What? Stoke is under siege? Aye, you must speak with Thane Ordlac at once! You have leave to enter the Mead Hall.'

Objective 3

  • Bring the signet of Oserley to Ordlac

Thane Ordlac is within the Mead Hall of Oserley.

Éoric afforded you access to the Mead Hall of Oserley to speak with Thane Ordlac.

Ordlac: 'Welcome, stranger from afar! It is seldom that we greet travellers, even from other parts of Rohan. May I offer you some wine or ale? Indeed, I was about to sit down to a meal...would you join me?
'What is this? Ah! I did not think I would see this signet in my lifetime! My father granted it to Edmar, Fríthild's husband, to use in the event Stoke needed our aid.
'Tell me what has transpired that would bring Fríthild to such a need....'