Quest:Searching the Debris

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Searching the Debris
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts at The Deeping-coomb
Start Region Westfold
Quest Group The Deeping-coomb
Quest Text


Debris and wreckage now litter the battlefield as a result of the black powder blast along the wall. Vital resources may be buried under the piles of rubble and destruction. The Rohirrim who stood nearest the blast might yet be found wounded among the rubble, pinned beneath the scattered pieces of the gaping wall.


  • Defeat the waves of vandals (0/9)
  • Search through piles of debris for injured soldiers or supplies
  • Do not allow guards near debris piles to be defeated (0/5)
  • Search the debris while there is still time

Various resources and soldiers have gone missing as a result of the tremendous powder blast upon the wall. In the ensuing chaos and assault, there is little time for soldiers to sift through the rubble and debris that litter the battlefield. What few buried resources that remain must be recovered if the Rohirrim are to survive the onslaught.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Partial Merit Rating.

  • Major Merit Gain
    • Debris pile searched
    • Injured soldier healed
    • Injured solder escorted to safety
    • Powder key uncovered and disarmed
  • Moderate Merit Loss
    • Injured soldier defeated
  • Minor Merit Loss
    • Powder keg detonated
    • Supply crate destroyed