Quest:Raid: Zaudru's Brood

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Raid: Zaudru's Brood
Level 50
Type Raid
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Helegrod: Spider Wing
Quest Group Helegrod
Quest Text


'If the caverns beneath Helegrod are now home to wretched Zaudru, as it seems they must be, every day that passes must see the increase of her spawn. The hatchlings of Zaudru possess an unusually ravenous appetite, even for spiders, and will feast on anything that stumbles near. They have need of great amounts of flesh and blood if they are to grow to adult size.

'We must stop them before they do, <name>, for Zaudru gives to her brood the strength and toughness that she herself possesses. Much easier to slay them as hatchlings, I tell you truly!

'The caverns beneath Helegrod are almost certainly riddled with cracks and crevices within which Zaudru's Shadow-brood hatchlings vie for dominance. Approach these holes and slay as many of the creatures as emerge into the light.'

Objective 1

The caverns beneath Helegrod are riddled with cracks and crevices, home to Zaudru's hatchlings.

Atli Spider-bane has asked you to slay as many Shadow-brood hatchlings as you can find beneath Helegrod.