Quest:Raid: Giants in Service of Angmar

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Raid: Giants in Service of Angmar
Level 50
Type Raid
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Helegrod: Giant Wing
Start Region Misty Mountains
Quest Group Helegrod
Quest Text


Storvâgûn seized control of the cliffs above the old dwarf-city, and with riches from robed Men, he bought the loyalty of many giants!

'Some giants that were my friends, but no more! They are traitors now, slaves to the robed Men who pay Storvâgûn. They do not deserve to be called giants!

'If you have brave friends, go to the old dwarf-city and take away the riches Storvâgûn bribed the giants with! Giants record wealth on notched barter-sticks...take them away! Giants sold their loyalty to Storvâgûn and the robed Men...they do not deserve to keep them! I will burn the sticks when you bring them.

Objective 1

Giants in the service of Storvâgûn and his new masters can be found on the cliffs above Helegrod. Arifael is on Amon Nendir, southwest of Rivendell.

Arifael has asked you to take the notched barter-sticks on which the giants recorded the wealth paid to them by robed Men of Angmar away from them. When you bring him enough of the barter-sticks, he will burn them.