Quest:Raid: An Evil Place, Crawling With Spiders

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Raid: An Evil Place, Crawling With Spiders
Level 50
Type Raid
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Auto-bestowed
Starts at Helegrod: Spider Wing
Quest Group Helegrod
Quest Text


'All who remember the story of mighty Durin and fierce Thorog know of Helegrod, <name>, but I did not think to hear its name spoken aloud in my time. Though dwarves repaired the gates and tried to reclaim it after the passage of the dragon, it was not meant to be, and my father and his father before him assumed Helegrod would always stand empty.

'But word now comes to my ears of weaving beneath the city, weaving and the clicking of many legs. The Shadow-brood spiders that infest the caverns beneath Helegrod might stay there for years...any spider-hunter knows that the creatures prefer the darkness beneath the mountains to the light of the sun. But if the wretched creature that birthed these monstrosities turns her eyes towards the exit of her cave, towards the snow-covered slopes of the Misty Mountains....

'We cannot let this happen, <name>. Despite the danger, you must descend into the caverns beneath Helegrod and defeat as many of the Shadow-brood as you can. Bring to me their venom, for the venom of one brood is often poisonous to others, and I might be able to make use of it against other of the vile creatures. Only mature spiders are likely to have the potent venom I require, and even then, it will be difficult to slay the spiders that carry it without spilling it.'

Objective 1

The Shadow-brood spiders in the caverns beneath Helegrod possess the venom Atli Spider-bane is seeking. Atli is in the town of Archet, in Bree-land.

Atli Spider-bane has asked you to collect venom from the Shadow-brood of Helegrod.