Quest:Prologue: Greater Responsibility

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Greater Responsibility
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Ellie Cutleaf
Starts at Ellie Cutleaf's House
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [28.1S, 50.6W]
Quest Group Epic - Vol. 1, Prologue
Quest Chain Bree-land Epic Prologue
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'When Skunkwood took me to the Blackwold's encampment in the Chetwood, I met Jagger Jack. Jack is training the wolves for the Blackwolds. He keeps most o' them deep in the ruins in the north parts of the woods.

'If we're going to put a stop to the Blackwolds, then we may need to do a little mischief o' our own. I'm not wont to do this, mind you, but we need to stop them wolves before they're used against Combe.

'Leecher Cartwell can help us and will. Talk to him at his house, up on the cliff south of Combe centre. Tell him that I need a poison to kill the wolves.'


According to Ellie, someone named Jagger Jack trains the wolves deep within the Blackwold Hideout. She met him when she was brought there and felt very ill at ease in the area.

Objective 1

Leecher Cartwell's house overlooks Combe on the road south towards Bree.

Ellie Cutleaf has instructed you to acquire some poison from Cartwell, the local leech, to use against the Jagger Jack's wolves.

Ellie Cutleaf: 'I wish to make amends for my folly. First, you will need to consult with Leecher Cartwell. He will know how best to deal with this threat.'
Constable Underhill: 'She aims to kill the wolves with poison? It appears that Ellie truly wishes to atone for the harm she wrought. Something must have frightened her good at that camp.'
Leecher Cartwell: 'Ellie got herself in trouble, did she? I've been near the wood of late to gather herbs and such. Something has the animals there stirred up, for certain.
'If this will help make things right between Ellie and the Combe-folk, I will help. I think I know just the thing. I'll need fresh honey, blackwort root, and several red berries.
'There are beehives behind the abandoned house, south of Combe. The berries grow in patches in a valley just over the hill behind the house. Blackwort root is found near the wolf-den in the north Chetwood.'

Objective 2

There are beehives behind the abandoned house south of Combe. Red berries grow in patches in the valley behind the house. Blackwort root grows near a wolf-den north-east of the Combe lumber camp.

Leecher Cartwell has agreed to make the poison Ellie requested, but needs your assistance gathering the ingredients.

Leecher Cartwell: 'Fresh honey, blackwort root, and red berries. That is all I need to make the poison.'

Objective 3

  • Bring the honey, blackwort roots, and red berries to Leecher Cartwell

Cartwell's house is on a low cliff in the south-west corner of Combe.

Your search for Cartwell's herbs and honey took you into danger, but your efforts were fruitful. You should return at once to Cartwell with the ingredients.

Constable Underhill: 'Better we don't speak too often. If Ellie is found to be working with us, we may endanger her. I'd rather not see her harmed if she truly wishes to make amends.'
Ellie Cutleaf: 'What are ye doing here, hanging about? Please hurry!'
Leecher Cartwell: 'Ah! There you are, it will be just a moment, and I'll have the poison for you...
'Be careful with this. It'll not hurt you or I, nor even the little folk -- except perhaps to make us mildly ill -- but the normal woodland creatures would suffer terribly if you don't use caution.
'You should return to Ellie and let her know that the poison is ready.'
Collected Cartwell's Poison

Objective 4

Ellie Cutleaf's home is in the north-west corner of Combe, on the banks of the pond.

After a short distilling process, Cartwell handed you a sweet-smelling phial. He assured you that the poison would kill the wolves threatening the Chetwood and the inhabitants of Combe, then sent you back to Ellie Cutleaf.

Leecher Cartwell: 'Take the poison to Ellie. Tell her that I truly hope she finds her way through this. She is a good woman, but sometimes easily misled.'
Constable Underhill: 'Better we don't speak too often. If Ellie is found to be working with us, we may endanger her. I'd rather not see her harmed if she truly wishes to make amends.'
Ellie Cutleaf: 'You have the poison from Cartwell?
'I trust Cartwell. Now that we have the poison, we may be ready to strike at the Blackwolds in their Chetwood home.'