Quest:Prisoners of Olghakhósh

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Prisoners of Olghakhósh
Level 76
Type Solo
Starts with Sergeant Hubyrt
Starts at Wakenflood
Start Region The Wold
Map Ref [38.1S, 50.4W]
Quest Group The Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'When the Easterlings raided Wakenflood, they dragged off several of our warriors. These are proud men and brave; they should not be shackled like slaves.

'I shudder to think what the Easterlings might want with these men: torture, starve them? Please do what you can to get into their camp and free the imprisoned warriors of Wakenflood!'


Several prisoners from Wakenflood were taken by the Easterlings to Olghakhósh, their newly-sprung encampment on the banks of the Anduin.

Objective 1

  • Free prisoners from Olghakhósh (0/4)

Prisoners from Wakenflood can be found in the Easterling encampment of Olghakhósh on the banks of the Anduin.

You should find and free as many prisoners as you can in Olghakhósh.

Objective 2

  • Return to Sergeant Hubyrt of Wakenflood

Sergeant Hubyrt can be found in Wakenflood in the Wold.

You should return to Sergeant Hubyrt along with the men you freed.

Sergeant Hubyrt: 'You are a true hero, <name>. These men did not deserve to meet whatever fate those Easterlings had in store for them.
'Their wives and children in Harwick will be foreever grateful for what you did this day.'