Quest:Preparing for the Worst

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Preparing for the Worst
Level 91
Type Solo
Starts with Grimmar
Starts at Mead Hall of Stoke
Start Region Broadacres
Map Ref [49.6S, 70.4W]
Quest Group Stoke
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If you truly wish to help Stoke, then post these conscription notices and gather our supplies. We need swords, shields, armour, and spears a-plenty. We have had craftsmen throughout Stoke producing them for us with instructions to leave the finished products in their yards.

'I need you to gather them and bring them to the armoury stockpile outside the Mead Hall. Once you are done with that, post the notices and meet my lieutenant, Huthric, outside.'


War is afoot, and the town of Stoke is preparing for the inevitable siege.

Objective 1

  • Collect armour (0/6)
  • Collect shields (0/6)
  • Collect spears (0/6)
  • Collect swords (0/6)

Spears, swords, shields, and armour can be collected from yards throughout Stoke.

Captain Grimmar asked you to collect spears, shields, swords, and armour for the garrison.

Objective 2

  • Deliver the arms and armour to the armoury stockpile

The armoury stockpile is outside the Mead Hall of Stoke.

Grimmar told you to bring the arms and armour to the armoury stockpile.

Objective 3

  • Post conscription notices (0/5)

There are places to post the conscription notices throughout Stoke.

Grimmar wants you to post the conscription notices he gave you.

Objective 4

Huthric is outside the Mead Hall of Stoke.

You should speak with Huthric and let him know that you have done as Captain Grimmar has asked.

Huthric: 'Ah, you have done well, <name>! Here come the louts now! I'll have a word or two for them, ere they join the garrison....'
Huthric says, "Hark ye, Men of Stoke! The Wolves of Isengard snarl upon our doorstep and the Reeve has need of your able arms...!"
Huthric says, "And in the south, Théoden King calls for his Riders...!"
Huthric says, "I know that you are loutish and unskilled now, but soon you will be true fighting men...."
Stoke Townsman says, "What do you mean loutish, Huthric! I will give you loutish...."
Stoke Townsman says, "Ah, nevermind him...Huthric thinks that he is important now that Grimmar has made him a lieutenant."
Huthric says, "Now look here...."

Objective 5

Grimmar is in the Mead Hall of Stoke.

You should return to Grimmar and tell him that you have done all he asked.

Grimmar: 'My thanks to you, <name>! I will speak with you again when Fríthild calls the council.'