Quest:Prepare to Fall Back

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Prepare to Fall Back
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts at The Deeping-coomb
Start Region Westfold
Quest Group The Deeping-coomb
Quest Text


The Rohirrim are quickly losing ground behind the wall and must fall back to the interior of the Hornburg. The siege engineers have come forth to lay out some traps and important siege equipment to stall the enemy, while the soldiers make their defensive retreat.


  • Defend the Rohirrim engineers as they work on constructs (0/6)
  • Do not allow the Rohirrim engineers to be defeated (0/4)

The Rohirrim siege engineers are working to place traps and target finders to help in the retreat back to the Hornburg. The engineers will place banners where they plan to construct an item, but they will be vulnerable to attack while they work, and will not complete their work if their banners are destroyed.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Partial Merit Rating.

  • Major Merit Gain
    • Rohirrim constructs a barricade
    • Rohirrim constructs a range finder
  • Moderate Merit Gain
    • Rohirrim constructs a spike trap
  • Minor Merit Gain
    • Rohirrim constructs a jaw trap
  • Major Merit Loss
    • Barricade destroyed
    • Range finder destroyed
    • Rohirrim engineer defeated
  • Moderate Merit Loss
    • Placement banner destroyed