Quest:Planting Flowers

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Planting Flowers
Level 31
Type Solo
Starts with Milo Longfurrow
Starts at Longfurrow's House
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.5S, 68.6W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'With the scarecrows in place, there is only one last thing I want to do. I wandered by the market area, and while it looks nice, I think it could use some sprucing up.

'I'd like to add some flowers to the area. That will give it a splash of colour, brightness, and cheer. I think that will finish the lot preparations!

'I noticed several flowers around the farm that I think would look very good at the market-grounds. Gather some up and place them in the planters. Be careful, though...dunno what else might come crawling up out of the hole you make when you yank the flower out.'


If the Northcotton Farm is to have a market, a lot will need to be cleaned up.

Objective 1

Flowers can be found around the Northcotton Farm.

Milo Longfurrow asked you to gather up flowers from around the farm.

Milo: 'Flowers can be found around the farm.'

Objective 2

  • Plant the flowers (0/5)

The planters are at the market-grounds.

The flowers need to be placed in the planters.

Milo: 'Go ahead and plant them at the market-grounds.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Milo Longfurrow

Milo Longfurrow is at the Northcotton Farm.

Milo Longfurrow will be pleased to hear the flowers have been planted.

Milo: 'I think all the chores around the farm are done, and we are ready to welcome visitors!'