Quest:Pick Your Potion

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Pick Your Potion
Level 118
Type Solo
Starts with Vaskorn
Starts at Skoghús
Start Region Ered Mithrin
Map Ref [31.2N, 48.0W]
Ends with Threkmóth
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Chain Stingers in the Thornholt
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

For all the tireless scouring of the Thornholt I have done, and you stumbled across the trail quick as could be! But that is no matter, as long as the vile poisoners are stopped. I am a simple man. I seek not glory but peace.

'You had better return to the brown wizard and seek his council on this whole affair. I will stay put and speak with Threkmóth on what actions we shall take.'


Vaskorn advises seeking the council of Radagast in the fight against the poisoners of the woods.

Objective 1

You should return to Radagast, located at the highest point of the Thornholt.

Radagast: 'These Ungoledain are indeed a threat. Many of my friends have perished to their poison. While you were away, I began experimenting with a potion to protect against it. I think I have perfected the concoction.
'If you collect the ingredients, I will be able to make plenty to protect you, the Beorning, and most importantly, my friends.
'Here is what you must find: some poison of the Ungoledain, which is likely obtained most easily from their discarded weapons; clean water from a good source; the livers of animals sickened from the poison; and some of the common mushrooms that may be found all around the Thornholt.'

Objective 2

All the items can be found in and around the Thornholt woods.

UNGOLADAN-CLUB "A deadly weapon utilized by the Ungoledain."

You should collect the ingredients Radagast requires for the potion of protection against the Ungoladan-poison: poison from discarded Ungoladan weapons, fresh water, livers of animals sickened from the poison, and the mushrooms common to the Thornholt.

Objective 3

  • Bring the ingredients to Radagast

You should return to Radagast in the Thornholt with all the ingredients you have collected.

Radagast: 'Very good. This should suffice, <name>! I need to do one more test to be certain that it is safe for your kind. Could you combine all those ingredients in the mortar and pestle for me?'

Objective 4

  • Mix ingredients in mortar and pestle

You should place all the ingredients in the nearby mortar and pestle for Radagast, in the Thornholt.

MORTAR AND PESTLE "This mortar and pestle is used for mixing ingredients into a fine paste."
Mixing medicine ...
The ingredients mix to form a pungent concoction

Objective 5

Radagast can be found in the Thornholt.

You should return to Radagast with the mixed concoction.

Radagast: 'Well, I never said it would smell nice. The odour is how you know it will work!
'I will test this batch, and if all goes well, I will be able to make enough for you and the Beornings[1] to protect against the Ungoladan weapons.
'Return to the Beornings now and make our work here known to them. Before you proceed with the assault on the Ungoledain, return to me and I will provide you with an antidote sufficient for the task.'

Objective 6

You should return to Vaskorn in Skoghús, in the Thornholt, and tell him of Radagast's potion.

Vaskorn is not at his post. Perhaps Threkmóth knows where he is.

Objective 7

You should go to Threkmóth in Skoghús, in the Thornholt, and find out where Vaskorn is.

Threkmóth: 'I know full well that Vaskorn is not at his post. It is I, my very self, who told him to take care of these spider-folk and drive them away while I finish baking the honey cakes. I told him he should have two honey cakes for himself, when he returned!'
  1. Beorning: ' and the other Beornings...'