Quest:On Notice!

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On Notice!
Level 76
Type Solo
Starts with Captain Agelmund
Starts at Feldburg
Start Region The Wold
Map Ref [42.4S, 52.0W]
Quest Group The Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Harding is suspicious of outsiders; you aren't the first to meet his ire, and you won't be the last. He clearly does not trust you right now, but think of it this way: At least he did not throw you in jail! I think it is best for you to stay out of Harwick for a little while.

'You are now tasked with aiding me, and I won't have you venturing into Harwick on my watch.

'Do not disappoint me, <name>, or Harding will hear of it.'

WARNING: Once accepted, this quest cannot be cancelled until you have proven yourself worthy of Harding's trust. Until then, you are to be flagged as an outsider.


Captain Agelmund has warned you that you against any unwelcome visits to Harwick that would expressly go against Harding's mandate.

Objective 1

  • Enter Harwick at your own risk while on notice

You have been flagged by Captain Agelmund as a trespasser in Harwick.

If you venture into that city, beware the guards -- for you are on notice, and they will banish you on sight.

You are now free to wander in Harwick

Objective 2

  • Speak with Thane Harding

Thane Harding is in the Mead Hall of Harwick.

You should speak with the Thane, now that you are no longer on notice.

Aldor Harding: 'I am truly sorry for my earlier distrust of you, <name>. I have been scarred by many years of witnessing evil and cruelty in my lands, and the protection of my folk has been my greatest task.
'I name you Knight of the Wold, and bid you welcome to my city, as I should have done when first we met!'