Quest:Old Forest Investigation

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Old Forest Investigation
Level 15
Type Solo
Starts with Saradoc Brandybuck
Starts at Brandy Hall
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [33.3S, 62.4W]
Ends with Wilmac Brandybuck
Ends at Newbury
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [31.6S, 62.6W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain Old Forestry
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It's strange you should be asking after Rollo, especially at this moment. The tweens came to see me, upset by the lack of effort the Bounders are doing here in Buckland with regard to the strange Big Folk moving about.

'I told them the Bounders were doing all they could to keep that unsavoury lot out of Buckland, but the pair were adamant about being heard and kept yammering on about the Old Forest. I warned them to stay clear of the forest because Toly, our wood-cutter, said that things there are queerer than ever.

'Tweens can be foolish, and I fear that the pair have been more foolish than normal. Doderic knows his way to Bald Hill and not much further. If you're going to be looking for Rollo, you'd best start with Doderic, and you might as well tell him that I'm waiting for him, too!'


Wilmac Brandybuck, Maggot's farmhand, sent you to Brandy Hall to speak with Saradoc Brandybuck, and the Master of Brandy Hall warned you of Rollo and Doderic's musings.

Objective 1

Doderic Brandybuck may be at Bald Hill in the Old Forest, east of the Bonfire Glade.

Maggot's Farmhand sent you to Brandy Hall to look for Farmer Maggot's son Rollo. Saradoc Brandybuck has suggested that his nephew Doderic may have taken Rollo out to the Old Forest.

Saradoc Brandybuck: 'Those boys -- my nephew Doderic and Maggot's boy Rollo -- might have gone off into the Old Forest. They are probably poking around and getting into all manner of trouble, if I know those boys!
'You might be able to find them at Bald Hill, which lies east of the Bonfire Glade.'
Doderic Brandybuck: 'Uncle Saradoc is waiting for me? That bodes ill. I wish Rollo would hurry along. I cannot leave until he returns. We were chasing a brigand through here -- we saw him sneaking about the gate and thought we'd best do the Bounders' job for them.
'I confess that I lost my nerve as we crested this hill, and I saw the full extent of the Forest. Rollo is a different sort though, always comfortable to wander through these winding trails.
'There is an abandoned cottage along the Withywindle, south-east of here. He made mention of heading that way, but that seems like hours ago. Perhaps you could find him there and tell him to hurry on back?'

Objective 2

Rollo Maggot may be found at an abandoned cottage near the Withywindle, south-east of Bald Hill. It is reached by heading west through the Shifting Wood, then turning south and south-east.

Doderic Brandybuck is worried about his friend Rollo Maggot, who chased after a brigand into the Forest.

Doderic Brandybuck: 'Rollo told me he figured the brigand went south-east of here, towards an abandoned cottage near the Withywindle. You have to find him!'
Rollo Maggot: 'He...he tried to kill me! "I'll gut you like a fish, and then your girl," he said, "Or I'll make certain you never see your lovely again." I didn't mean for this to happen! But he threatened Celandine. I couldn't let him hurt here, could I? All I wanted was to get the notes I wrote for Celandine from him.
'You can't treat people like that. Good, honest hobbits, we are...didn't want to hurt nobody. I'm going to stay here and give him an honest burial at least. Could you tell Doderic that I'm all right? But please...don't tell him about any of this, will you? Could you take these them to Doderic, he'll understand.
'I just...this doesn't feel the way I thought it would.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Doderic Brandybuck at Bald Hill

Doderic Brandybuck is waiting at Bald Hill to the north of the cottage, east of the Bonfire Glade.

You found Rollo Maggot standing over the corpse of a Man. He asked you to return to Doderic Brandybuck and tell him that he is all right, and there is no need to worry. He also asked you not to tell Doderic what happened with the brigand.

Rollo Maggot: 'I'm sorry…I'm not feeling very well. I need to bury…to bury the body. Tell Doderic that I'm fine, but…please don't tell him about this.'
Doderic Brandybuck: 'So glad to know that Rollo is all right! That's such a relief!
'What is this? Maggot's notes to Celandine, and there are some references here that make it seem...
'No wonder he wanted to recover these from that Man. Here, take them on to Celandine. She should see what Rollo thinks of her.'

Objective 4

Celandine can be found on the border of Newbury and Crickhollow in the northern part of Buckland.

You found Rollo Maggot standing in shock over the corpse of a brigand, but he seemed unharmed. He asked that you show his notes to Doderic, and Doderic suggested that you bring them to his cousin Celandine.

Doderic Brandybuck: 'So glad to know that Rollo is all right! That's such a relief!
'You should take these notes to Celandine…it will be a wondrous moment when she sees these.'
Celandine Brandybuck: 'Oh! These are the notes on the Old Forest from Rollo Maggot. Oh my, the boy is sweet on me it seems.
'He is such a wonderful lad, I had never noticed this before. Thank you, <name>. I will be certain to put these to good use.'

Objective 5

Wilmac Brandybuck is just inside the Hay Gate in Newbury, the northern section of Buckland.

Wilmac Brandybuck still knows nothing of Rollo's whereabouts. You should speak with him to put his mind at ease.

Celandine Brandybuck: 'You should speak to poor Wilmac, just a bit north of here, he is likely worried sick over Rollo's disappearance.'
Wilmac Brandybuck: 'You found him! He's coming back soon, and I can finish all I set out to do.
'For that, you deserve something. It may not be much, I fear. But here, please take it, if it is of use to you. You have no idea how much you have helped me.'