Quest:Off to the Channel

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Off to the Channel
Level 54
Type Solo
Starts with Indrith
Starts at Chamber of Wheels
Start Region The Water-works
Map Ref [17.9S, 115.9W]
Ends with Kaldi
Ends at Harâzgund
End Region The Water-works
Map Ref [17.6S, 116.9W]
Quest Group Moria: The Water-works
Quest Chain Entering the Vile Maw
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I sent Kaldi off to the Vile Maw to open the doors of the channel in preparation for the work to be done there. I have not heard back from him, but I thought that maybe he was just dawdling. Now, I wonder.

'Please, <name>, make your way to the Vile Maw, west and a little north of here, and see if Kaldi is still there. I would feel terrible if anything happened to him.

'If he needs help, give it to him!'


The Waterworks is a site of importance to the dwarves who wish to remain in Moria. Once such dwarf, Foreman Indrith, has made it a mission to repair the channel there.

Objective 1

Kaldi should be in the Vile Maw, west and a little north of the Great Wheel.

Foreman Indrith fears that he may have sent his worker and friend Kaldi to his death. He has sent you to a camp where he believes Kaldi should be.

Indrith: 'I send Kaldi west to start preparations in the Vile maw. I had thought it a good idea, but now I am not so certain. Please go and check if Kaldi is still alive and well.
Kaldi: 'It is good to know that Indrith is worried about me, though he need not be. Kaldi is no fool, my friend.'