Quest:Northcotton Farm

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Northcotton Farm
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Nod Gardener
Starts at Oatbarton
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [23.1S, 67.3W]
Ends with Albin Northcotton
Ends at Northcotton Market Grounds
End Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.1S, 68.8W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Welcome to Oatbarton, traveller. We are home to some of the northernmost farms in the Shire. That means our crops have a distinctly sharper taste and our pipeweed lingers on the tongue.

'The main producer up here is the Northcotton Farm, just up to the west of town. They are getting ready for their harvest and annual market. I am sure there is plenty to do.

'Head on over to the farm and speak with Albin Northcotton and see what you can do to help him out.'


The Northcotton Farm is nearing harvest season and preparing for their annual farmer's market.

Objective 1

Albin Northcotton is at the Northcotton Farm, west of Oatbarton.

Northcotton Farm is getting ready for their annual harvest market and could use an extra set of hands.

Albin: 'Are you here to help? There is so much to do in order to get ready for the market.'