Quest:New Trouble in the Old Forest

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New Trouble in the Old Forest
Level 16
Type Solo
Starts with Toly Brockhouse
Starts at Old Forest Tunnel
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [32.8S, 61.6W]
Ends with Gillemin Brandybuck
Ends at Old Forest
End Region Old Forest
Map Ref [33.8s, 59.3w]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain The Wood-cutter's Tale
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'All the things you've gathered for me are useless, rotten and ruined. Something queer is going on, what with the animals all upset and the Forest seeming, well, more awake than usual.

'There's a wise, old hobbit, a forester, who oft camps a ways into the Old Forest. Look for him beyond Old Muddyfoot's Hill, which you can find south-east of the Bonfire Glade. Maybe Gilly knows what's going on. I'd appreciate it if you'd talk to him...Gillemin Brandybuck, that's his name.

'I'm worried! We had to burn part of the forest when it got too uppity years back, but this is far worse than it was before. If the Bounders have to start another fire, they might destroy the whole Forest, and then where would we be?'


Toly Brockhouse is disturbed by the fact that everything you brought him was spoiled. This, as well as the stirring of the forest creatures has upset him.

Objective 1

Gillemin Brandybuck's camp is a distance to the south-east in the Old Forest, beyond Old Muddyfoot's Hill.

Toly Brockhouse asked you to seek the counsel of an old forester named Gillemin Brandybuck.

Toly Brockhouse: 'Please, talk to Gilly Brandybuck for me.'
Gillemin Brandybuck: 'Ah, so Toly Brockhouse sent you? Good. I've discovered something very odd happening here in the Old Forest, and you may be able to help! I found a strange glade to the south-east, infested with monstrous spiders. I've never seen the like before...almost makes me believe those stories about old Mad Baggins down Hobbiton way! They made me drop my pack!
'Even that is not the worst of it yet! I saw a tree walking about, covered in scars and looking like every leaf had fallen off like it were the dead of winter. Now, I see some strange things, being here in the Old Forest, but I never seen a tree like this moving through the wood killing every manner of life in its path.
'I tell ya, if it were the Old Man Willow himself come to stalk the Old Forest he would not be so cruel. Something has the forest in a dire state.'