Quest:Nágas, Overseer of the Brockbridge Siege

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Nágas, Overseer of the Brockbridge Siege
Level 92
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Herefara
Starts at Brockbridge
Start Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [51.1S, 77.9W]
Ends with Remote Quest Advance
Quest Group Brockbridge
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'<name>, there is much to be done if we are to break this siege.

'A nasty Uruk named Nágas is out among the perimeter and appears to be leading the siege efforts. This one will not be easy to defeat alone, so should you choose to help us be rid of him, you may need a friend or two to aid in such a task.'


The siege on Brockbridge is only the tip of the spear, which is directed by a very strong and tactically wise Uruk named Nágas.

Objective 1

Nágas can be found among the perimeter outside of Brockbridge.

Herefara has asked you to defeat the Uruk Nâgas, leader of the Brockbridge siege.

Defeated Nágas

Objective 2

  • Complete

The overseer of the Brockbridge siege has been defeated, and those holding the siege will lack coordination for some time.

The defeat of Nágas will surely set the White Hand assault back for some time. The larger army nearby may be able to replace him soon, so the relief will only be brief.