Quest:Moving in Shadow

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Moving in Shadow
Level 100
Type Fellowship
Starts with Melril
Starts at Tarlang's Crown
Start Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [63.2S, 70.7W]
Quest Chain Tarlang's Crown
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The time has come to put an end to these Corsair raids into the vale, <name>.

'If they think us so weak or blind to all that has been stolen from us, they are sorely mistaken! Some of the Corsairs lurk in the shadows along the roadway, even past their barricades.... their arrogance will be their undoing, I am sure of it!

'I would ask that you hunt them down, and take back what was stolen from us.'


Hoping to put an end to the raids into Blackroot Vale, Melril seeks to hunt sneaking Corsairs and recover what they have stolen.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Corsair cutthroats (0/4)
  • Collect supply crates in Tarlang's Crown (0/6)

Corsair cutthroats can be found lurking in and around the Corsair encampment in Tarlang's Crown.

Melril has asked you to defeat Corsairs before they can sneak into Blackroot Vale and recover more crates stolen from Sardol.

Defeated Corsair cutthroats (4/4)
Collected supply crates in Tarlang's Crown (6/6)

Objective 2

  • Deliver the supply crates to Melril in Tarlang's Crown

Melril can be found at the northern end of Tarlang's Crown in Blackroot Vale.

You defeated many of the Corsair cutthroats and recovered several supply crates. You should deliver this news and the crates to Melril.

Melril: 'Now then, <name>, I believe they shall think twice before making another raid into Blackroot Vale.
'We are hardy folk and will not see the fruits of our labours stolen away by some unkempt Men!'