Quest:Keeping the Norsu Pure

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Keeping the Norsu Pure
Level 47
Type Solo
Starts with Mika
Starts at Norsu-hauta
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [7.5N, 80.5W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain Protecting the Mammoths
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This is not good. This tusk was marked by the hand of one of the Susi-väki, but the words of power used are Angmarim. This tallies with what I know of a Susi-väki Seer who has been seen nearby recently. A Man of Angmar must be trying to teach the Susi-väki how to ensorcel our Norsu!

'I have heard tales of the evil fetters Angmarim place upon their beasts, twisting them into fell creatures through time and despair. This must not be permitted in Länsi-mâ. Find and stop this Seer!'


Mika recognizes the markings on the tusk as Angmarim sorcery in a Gauradan hand. He wishes you to find and defeat the Gauradan Seer who dares try and twist one of the Lossoth's mammoths.

Objective 1

Search around Norsu-hauta for the Gauradan Seer who is trying to ensorcel a Mammoth.

Mika: 'This is no time for hesitation. Seek out the Susi-väki Seer here in Norsu-hauta.'
Defeated Gauradan Seer

Objective 2

Return to Mika in Norsu-hauta and tell him of your success.

Mika: 'Your task was well performed, <name>. However, it would seem that we have yet a significant Angmarim threat to suppress.'