Quest:Keep It from the Enemy

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Keep It from the Enemy
Level 40
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Glinghant
Start Region Annúminas
Map Ref [19.3S, 68.9W]
Quest Group Annúminas
Quest Text


Knowledge can be the greatest weapon in war, <name>. It can turn the tide of battle, for good or for ill. I speak to you now of a matter so urgent that there can be no delay, for it concerns knowledge that could spell doom for my people...not here in the city, but elsewhere in Middle-earth.

When the darkwater first came to Annúminas, some of my kindred attempted to banish them from the pools of Glinghant. I would have joined their fight, for its pools and gardens are dear to me, but Fainneleg commanded that I help with the initial defence of Gwaelband. I and Gwonil fought bravely and turned back an Angmarim assault, but while we survived to receive other assignments, the Dúnedain that fought in Glinghant did not. The darkwater overwhelmed them and the gardens were taken.

But worse still, one of my fallen brethren bore on his person a map to the hidden refuge of Esteldín, in the North Downs. Folly, perhaps, to carry such a map, but what has been done has been done. We must retrieve the map before it can be taken by the Enemy. The darkwater may not appreciate its significance, but one of Amarthiel's more corporeal servants might. We must not let it fall into their hands, <name>. Seek out the fallen Rangers in Glinghant and retrieve the map to Esteldín from him that bore it. Do this quickly, my friend, for there is little time to waste! If I am not around when you return, please bring the map with all haste to Captain-General Daerdan, at Echad Garthadir, here in the city.

Objective 1

  • Collect map to Esteldín

The fallen Ranger carrying the map to Esteldín is somewhere within the pools and gardens of Glinghant, beyond the court of Clorhir, in Annúminas.

Harthadril asked you to bring the map to Esteldín out of Glinghant.