Quest:Interlude: Last March of the Ents

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Interlude: Last March of the Ents
Level 95
Type Session Play
Starts with Treebeard
Starts at Base of Orthanc
Start Region Isengard (after)
Map Ref [45.6S, 89.1W]
Ends with Treebeard
Ends at Base of Orthanc
End Region Isengard (after)
Map Ref [45.6S, 89.1W]
Quest Chain Vol. III. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The young hobbits told you of the moot, but did not tell you of our arrival here? You wish to hear that tale?'

Treebeard seems to give it some thought... and some thought... and some more thought. Eventually his eyes focus on you again.

'Ents do not often get asked to tell stories, little one. But I will see what I can do... hoom, hrum, hoom. I hope you have enough time to listen.'


Treebeard has agreed to finish the story begun by Merry, telling you of the last march of the Ents.

Objective 1

Treebeard is near the base of Orthanc, and has agreed to finish the story begun by Merry.

Complete the Session Play: Quest: Instance: Last March of the Ents

Objective 2

  • Talk to Treebeard by the base of Orthanc

Treebeard is by the base of Orthanc.

Treebeard: 'That is the tale, little one. I have not seen Saruman since Gríma Wormtongue came to the tower. His schemes may be at an end; the water seems to have dampened his spirits.
'Oh! Oh, that is very good! Hoom, hrum, boom! Dampened his spirits!
'I have enjoyed telling you the tale, little <race>. I hope you will remember the Ents. It seems to me that Saruman wishes he remembered us sooner. I am glad he did not.'