Quest:Instance: Weapons of the Enemy

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Instance: Weapons of the Enemy
Level 50
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Gwathryn
Starts at Tármunn Súrsa
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [12.1N, 32.1W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 12
Reflecting Pool Angmar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Weapons of the Enemy
"Plagued by terrible dreams in the House of Elrond, Laerdan reveals in his sleep that Amarthiel's ring, Narchuil is being held in the fastness of Barad Dúrgul."


The ring Narchuil is being studied by the Enemy in Barad Dúrgul.

Objective 1

  • Find the ring Narchuil

Enter Barad Dúrgul and recover the ring Narchuil.

Angmarim Tyrant says, "Your rabble has already failed the Mistress once..."
Angmarim Tyrant says, "What is Goeolgon doing in the tower?"
Angmarim Houndmaster says, "Amarthiel will have Goeolgon on a pike when she learns that he has not gone north."
Goeolgon says, "Ah, the other whelps have arrived."
Goeolgon says, "My Mistress will be pleased when I bring her thine heads."
Goeolgon says, "And after I have dealt with thee, I will not be troubled in the search that remains."
Goeolgon says, "Come, come! Thou canst join the craven fool who dared trespass upon Barad Dúrgul."
Defeated Goeolgon
Recovered Half of Narchuil
Corpse of Narucham: You have found Narucham, and it appears that he has been dead for some time now. You should give him a proper burial and then return to Gwathryn.