Quest:Instance: Troubled Friendship

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Instance: Troubled Friendship
Level 80
Type Solo
Starts with Getfleda
Starts at Eaworth
Start Region Entwash Vale
Map Ref [47.3S, 63.9W]
Quest Group Entwash Vale
Quest Chain Eaworth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"I know not why my friends Sperling and Brúnstan are fighting, but someone must stop them! I am afraid they are going to injure more than their friendship...."


You have accompanied Getfleda, a girl of Eaworth, to help break up a fight between two of her friends, Brunstan and Sperling.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Getfleda

Talk to Getfleda.

Getfleda: 'Oh, you must hurry, kind <class>! Brunstan and Sperling will surely hamr each other if they continue fighting!'
Getfleda says, "There, see? Can you stop them?"

Objective 2

  • Hear Brunstan's side of the story
  • Hear Sperling's side of the story

Talk to Brunstan and Sperling.

Brunstan: 'Sperling has accused me of stealing the toy sword his father gave him, but I tell you I did not! I am no dishonourable dog that would steal from his friends!
'Sperling lent me the sword, and I returned it...I swear it! He ony blames me because he does not want to blame himself for the loss of it.'
Sperling: 'Brunstan is a liar and a thief! My father game me a wooden practice sword before he went away to fight, and I let Brunstan play with it is gone.
'He swears that he returned it to me, but I swear he did not! He is a liar without honour!'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Getfleda

Talk to Getfleda and let her know what her friends had to say.

Getleda: 'Oh my! I do not know who to believe! I cannot believe that Brunstan would be so dishonourable, but I also do not believe that Sperling would accuse him without cause!
'Perhaps one of the other children saw something...would you ask them?'

Objective 4

  • Talk to the children observing the fight between Brunstan and Sperling

Talk to the children observing the fight between Brunstan and Sperling and learn if any of them saw what happened.

Dagláf: 'I never like either one of them to begin with...I am only here to watch the fight.'
Horsa: 'I am pretty sure I saw someone playing with Sperling's sword down in the southern part of the city, but it was not Brunstan.'
Cuthswith: 'If Brunstan stole Sperling's sword, he should be fed to the Orcs. Sperling's da gave him the sword before he went away....'
Inga: 'I heard and saw nothing...I swear it!'
Tilwulf: 'N-nay, I saw nothing! I-I....'
The child sighs and looks distraught.
'I cannot tell a lie. I borrowed the sword from Brunstan and was playing in the burned yards to the south. When my mother called me to dinner, I forgot the toy and left it behind. When I went back, I could not find it again.
'Please, do not tell Sperling and Brunstan! They are both bigger than me!'
This child confessed to misplacing Sperling's toy sword

Objective 5

  • Talk to Getfleda

Talk to Getfleda.

Getfleda: 'Oh dear, you say that another of my friends was actually to blame for the loss of Sperling's sword? Oh my....'
You helped break up a fight between Getfleda's friends
Getfleda: 'Let us talk somewhere else....'