Quest:Instance: Treating With Scoundrels

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Instance: Treating With Scoundrels
Level 103
Type Solo
Starts at Bâr Nadhron
Start Region Beacon Hills
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Beacon Hills
Reflecting Pool Far Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Deliver the ransom and bring home my sons. Yet tread cautiously and keep your wits about you. We know not if these Variag men have any honour at all."


It is time to meet with Jarl Akhiz and free Glánhar's sons.

Objective 1

  • Go down into the cellar

Go down into the cellar in Bâr Nadhron and find Akhiz.

You see Akhiz and some of his men up ahead, waiting for you.
Jarl Akhiz says, "Come, come. We have been waiting for you."

Objective 2

Show Jarl Akhiz that you have brought the ransom.

Variag Swordsman says, "Don't even think of trying anything."
Variag Raider says, "Do as the Jarl asks and everyone will be fine."
Jarl Akhiz: 'You have the gold and the brooch I asked of you? Tut tut! I can see it well enough from there. We will do this after the Variag fashion. Now you will go and see that the two brothers are safe and well.
'I have only the two. Trust me, if I had the father and the other two, you would need tenfold the random you have brought.
'Now go. You will find them to the right, that way beyond the gate.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Lacheg
  • Talk to Togbor

Go past the opened gate and see that the hostages are all right.

Variag Swordsman says, "The prisoners are all the way back, on the right."
Variag Raider says, "You can talk to the prisoners, look them over. Nothing else."
Lacheg says, "Mother sent you?"
Togbor says, "By the Tree! At long last..."
Lacheg: 'Listen!'
His voice drops to a whisper.
'Are you really to give these honourless men ransom-gold for their villainy? You look a capable fighter. Let us instead create a distraction. I have managed to get a small blade in my hands, here. When I hear a commotion, I will cut our bonds and we will make for the door. Then we shall meet up at whatever place my brother chooses.
'Will you do it? Say you will!'
Togbor: 'So our ransom will be paid, finally? Good.
'Listen to me. These are dangerous men. But I have come to believe that they do have their own kind of blackguard's honour. If you do as they ask, they truly will set us free. If you do aught to alarm them, they will respond swiftly and ruthlessly. You must not listen to my brother's hot-headed prattling. Let us part with our gold and take our lives with us when we go.
'They are like to send us out one at a time. We must have an agreed upon place to meet. Hm... East of Bâr Nadhron, under the bent tree by the Mouths of the Entwash would do. Yes, let us find each other there.'

Objective 4

  • Return to Akhiz

Now that you have seen Lacheg and Togbor, return to Jarl Akhiz to complete the ransom.

Jarl Akhiz: 'You are satisfied? Good! Then place the ransom in the chest there and all shall be arranged. You will leave first, and the brothers will be sent out separately after you.
'This is how it is done. No trickery. I give you my word.'

Objective 5

  • Place the ransom in the chest


  • Create a distraction

Now that you have seen Lacheg and Togbor, return to Jarl Akhiz for the ransom payment and choose which of the brothers to heed.

Placed the ransom in the chest
Jarl Akhiz says, "You have done your part. Now leave, and the brothers shall be sent after you. I promise you."
The brazier post falls over with a crash!
Variag Raider says, "Aaah!"
Jarl Akhiz says, "Two-faced fool. Now you get nothing - but death!"
Variag Swordsman says, "You won't get out of here alive!"
Variag Raider says, "Graaah!"
Togbor says, "What, slain? Seven stars! We must flee!"

Objective 6

  • Leave the cellar!

It is time to leave the cellar in Bâr Nadhron!