Quest:Instance: The Watcher in the Water

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Instance: The Watcher in the Water
Level 50
Type Solo only
Starts with Ráthwald
Starts at Nan Sirannon
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [50.6S, 7.6W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 1
Reflecting Pool Eregion Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"Dire is the creature called the Watcher in the Water by the dwarves, an ancient evil called forth by the Dark Lord. Perhaps through the power of legend, a way can be seen past the terror...?"


The sharp bite of your weapon will have to prevail against the thick flesh of the Watcher's many arms.

Objective 1

Bósi is on the slope that leads up to the pool before the Doors of Durin.

Bósi is waiting to wish you well against the Watcher in the Water. He is confident that the sharp bite of your weapon will prevail.

Bósi: 'The foul creature that watches from within the depths of the pool will feel the sharp bite of your weapon and be afraid. Stride forth and teach it a lesson it will be long in forgetting!
'Do this not just for the sake of Khazad-dûm, but for the memory of Bróin, taken by that fell creature. My nephew deserved a better fate than to die in that thing's grasp.
'When you have driven off or slain the creature, we will be unopposed and may walk into Moria unhindered!
'One of my dwarves has gone ahead to scout for the beast. Look for him, and be watchful.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Bósi's scout

Bósi sent sone dwarves up to the pool to scout ahead for the beast.

Armed with your new weapon, you are ready to face the Watcher in the Water.

Bósi says, "Good fortune, <name>. Trust in the sharp bite of your weapon!"
Bósi: 'Look for my scout just up the slope, on the edge of the pool. He will tell you where he has seen the beast, that you may attack it with your new weapon.'
Bósi's Scout: 'There are ripples in the water, but I do not see the beast. Be on your guard, for it may attack without warning, as unlucky Bróin learned at his peril!'

Objective 3

The Watcher in the Water lurks within the pool, casting its arms forth to attack you!

You must defeat the arms of the Watcher and drive it from the entrance to Moria.

Iron Garrison Guard says, "The beast returns!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Look out!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "For Khazad-dúm!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Attack!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Fight on!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "My strength falters!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Do you think it is gone?"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Another fallen comrade avenged!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Fear the might of the dwarves!"
Bósi says, "Cousin! What are you doing here?"

Objective 4

Brogur has come to the shore of the Black Pool, against his cousin's wishes.

Brogur: 'No longer will I cow to my grief, <name>. Nay; I will avenge my son in battle, and woe to this creature that took him from me!'
Brogur says, "Show yourself, monster!"

Objective 5

Brogur has challenged the Watcher in the Water, determined to avenge the death of his son.

Brogur says, "For Bróin! For my son!"
Brogur says, "That was for Bróin!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "For Khazad-dúm!"
Brogur says, "We must not be overwhelmed!"
Brogur says, "My thirst for vengeance will never be satisfied!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "My wounds!"
Brogur says, "Another falls, but it is not enough!"
Brogur says, "That was for my son!"
Iron Garrison Guard says, "Another fallen comrade avenged!"
Brogur says, "My thirst for vengeance will never be satisfied!"
Bósi says, "The creature withdraws!"
Brogur says, "No! Come back! My vengeance is not satisfied!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Bósi
  • Talk to Brogur

Bósi and Brogur are on the edge of the pool.

The Watcher in the Water has been driven off, and you should now speak with Bósi and Brogur.

Bósi: 'We have done it, <name>! We have driven the Watcher from the Doors of Durin, and now the dwarves of our expedition may pass into the Mines of Moria! The weapons we found have proven the difference, friend -- yes, my dwarves have equipped themselves from the same cache, and the creature has learned to fear the sharp bite of the Iron Garrison!
'You have avenged my nephew Bróin as well, and all of the dwarves who have been lost to this creature. It retreats now through dark passages; may its writhing, reeking arms never trouble us again.'
Brogur: 'I cannot thank you enough for this, <name>. Not only have you driven off the beast that kept us out of Moria, but you have avenged my son as well. I will never forget your great service to me, and will always be in your debt and at your service.
'Bróin spoke often of combat and great heroics; he would have marvelled at your battle with the fierce Watcher.'
Bósi: 'We must return now to tell the rest of the expedition what you have accomplished, and that we may now pass into the Mines of Moria!'