Quest:Instance: The Return

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Instance: The Return
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Glathlírel
Starts at Court of Lothlórien
Start Region Caras Galadhon
Map Ref [15.4S, 67.1W]
Quest Group Allegiance: The Court of Lothlórien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"We have followed Glorfindel's trail to, of all places, the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu. We must hope he has found the prophecy of Gil-galad there that he sought, and that all else lies as still and undisturbed as we left it."


With the guidance of Glathlírel, search for Glorfindel in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.

Objective 1

Glathlírel is ready to explore the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu once again, in search of Glorfindel.

Glathlírel: '<name>, we must look for clues as to the whereabouts of Glorfindel.
'We know not what lurks in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu now, so prepare yourself.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Glathlírel to search for clues of Glorfindel's whereabouts

Search the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu for clues of Glorfindel's whereabouts.

Glathlírel says, "Do you hear that? Sounds like the shuffling of feet from the hallway."

Objective 3

  • Defeat attacking Pale-folk Defenders (0/5)

Fend off the attacking Pale-folk Defenders.

Defeated Pale-folk Defender (5/5)

Objective 4

  • Continue following Glathlírel to seek clues of Glorfindel's whereabouts

Continue to look for clues of Glorfindel's whereabouts.

Glathlírel says, "<name>, let us continue to push forward. There has to be some sort of clue to Glorfindel's whereabouts."

Objective 5

  • Defeat the Darklings (0/3)

Defeat the Darklings.

Defeated a Darkling (3/3)
Glathlírel says, "Let us explore that room!"

Objective 6

  • Find a way past the locked gate

Find a way past the locked gate.

Glathlírel says, "Be wary, <name>; a troll!"

Objective 7

  • Defeat the troll

Defeat the troll.

Defeated the troll
Glathlírel says, "That chest in the middle of the room has been rummaged through; perhaps that is the clue we've been seeking!"

Objective 8

  • Examine the clue

You have found a clue and should examine it.

Glathlírel says, "Glorfindel must have found what he came here for. Perhaps we will find him through that door straight ahead, <name>!"

Objective 9

  • Follow the clue to Glorfindel

Follow the clue to Glorfindel.

Glathlírel shouts, "We have found Glorfindel, but -- what is that?"
Glathlírel says, "It cannot be, <name>. Thaurlach cannot be back. He was defeated..."
Glathlírel says, "Quickly -- to Glorfindel!"

Objective 10

  • Stand by Glorfindel's side

Stand by Glorfindel's side.

Glorfindel says, "Such a powerful creature of shadow and flame I have not faced in a very, very long while."
Glorfindel says, "But I see by your faces that you have faced him before."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Glorfindel

Hear what Glorfindel has to say.

Glorfindel: 'Belryg are not so easily slain. Though they may seem defeated, they may heal and even regain form with time. This lesson I have learned, painfully, in ages past.
'Fortunately, I possess the art required to fully extinguish such a foe. Come and fight by my side. Together we will put a final end to this fell servant of Morgoth.'

Objective 12

  • Weaken the Balrog Thaurlach to allow Glorfindel to defeat it

Weaken the Balrog Thaurlach so Glorfindel can finish it once and for all.

Glorfindel says, "Prepare yourselves."
Thaurlach has been defeated!

Objective 12

  • Talk to Glorfindel

You should talk to Glorfindel, now that Thaurlach is defeated.

Glathlírel: 'I thought I knew all there was to know of the Balrog Thaurlach. How mistaken I was! I have much yet to learn.'
Glorfindel: 'I felt the dark presence brooding nearby when first I entered this place, but the prize I sought was too important and I was not to be deterred. Still, I had hoped to slip away as quietly as I came, and instead I walked nearly into its opened maw!
'Fortune smiled upon me, however, and you came upon us at just that moment. Not the mightiest warrior of Elves and Men would face a Balrog alone, willingly - though I yet flatter myself I might have been its match.
'We should not tarry here, I think. I have found what I came here seeking, though I must take some time in secluded peace to read it over and pierce its deeper meaning. I cannot pause overlong, however, for I am expected in the Court of Lothlórien. Ah, but I see you knew that.
'Perhaps, then, you may do me a double service. First, return there forthwith and assure the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel I am on my way. Second, tell Galadriel that I wish to give the Gwedluith I entrusted to her to Arwen, as a betrothal gift. Indeed, I would have you bear the gift to her, <name>.'
Instance: The Return
Glorfindel: 'It is time to leave this place. I must seclude myself a little while and consider the prophecy of Gil-galad I have found. Then, as soon as I am able, I shall find my way to Caras Galadhon.'