Quest:Instance: The Reach of Justice

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Instance: The Reach of Justice
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Automatic Quest Bestowal
Starts at the Dale-lands
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [19.8N, 29.6W]
Ends with Athálrik
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Chain Refugees in Dale
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"You have found Athálrik. But I wonder, will he submit to the justice of this land? He seems to care for it only as a guise."


You have tracked Athálrik to his retreat in the highlands west of Lake-town.

Objective 1

You should look for Athálrik, eastward from Víthog.

Víthog says, "I will go this far, no further."
Víthog says, "Yonder, toward the bluff. You will find him there."
Víthog: 'You will find him between here and the bluffs to the northeast that overlook the Long Lake. That is where he roams. I do not follow him, no. I leave him to himself and his moods.'
It is serene here among the pines, the wind brushing thoughtfully through the grass

Objective 2

You should look for Athálrik, eastward from Víthog.

An anguished cry rises suddenly up ahead, followed by a laugh, then a growl

Objective 3

Follow the sounds eastward.

A man who must be Athálrik stands, holding something up before him

Objective 4

You have found Athálrik. Now confront him.

Athálrik says, "Uh huh huh huh."
Athálrik says, "It is too much! Yet... I will hear more."
Athálrik says, "Who are you then? What did you see?"
Athálrik says, "Ah, but I know what you are."
Athálrik says, "You're the one dogging my heels, lying, turning the Queen against me."
Athálrik says, "Well, I won't stand for that... or for you!"

Objective 5

Pursue Athálrik.

Athálrik says, "Do not think you have caught me yet."
Athálrik says, "You have come far to find me. You can go a bit further."
Athálrik says, "You there, boys! Look sharp!"
Cut-throat says, "Aye, Athálrik!"
Athálrik says, "See that that this rat gets what they've got coming."
Athálrik says, "Come now, <class>. See, I have grown strong and full, full of voices!"
Athálrik says, "I want no lectures on justice. No. I have seen through time and seen what it is."
Athálrik says, "It is a witless wall that strength and will always topple."
Athálrik says, "I want none of your justice!"
Ruffian says, "Just where do you think you're going?"
Ruffian says, "No further, that's where. Ha ha ha!"
Ruffian says, "This one's trouble. Watch yourself!"
Athálrik says, "How are you so strong?"
Athálrik says, "I thought I had become stronger than all."
Athálrik says, "I feared nothing..."
Athálrik says, "Nothing but the voices I heard. Nothing but losing their song."

Objective 6

Defeat Athálrik.

Athálrik says, "Gaaaaah!"
Athálrik falls, a look of malice, fervour, and disbelief twisting his face

Objective 7

You should search Athálrik for the Chayasír's memory-cloth.

Athálrik: You find the memory-cloth clutched in his hands.