Quest:Instance: The Prince of Rohan, Night

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Instance: The Prince of Rohan, Night
The Prince of Rohan, Night.jpg
Level 75
Type Solo only
Starts with Map Table
Starts at Grimbold's Camp
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 5
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Prince of Rohan, Night
"Night fell on the twenty-fifth of February, as my prince prepared for one last journey, a journey to lands we know not."


The unthinkable has happened: Théodred, the Prince of Rohan, has sustained a mortal wound and lies dying at the Ford of Isen.

Objective 1

Elfhelm wishes to speak with you now that the battle has been won.

Sigward says, "I am sorry, Cynstan. We should not have hidden your bracer from you."
Sigward says, "You were so young and not yet tested in battle. We meant no harm by it."
Sigward says, "But you were braver than I, who has seen countless battles!"
Sigward says, "You stood between our Prince and his foes until you could stand no longer."
Sigward says, "A man of Rohan can do no more than that."
Sigward says, "I will see your bracer returned to you, Cynstan."
Sigward says, "We thought you were not our equal, and we were right."
Sigward says, "You were the best of us."
Sigward says, "Do not think ill of us, my brother, my friend."
Elfhelm: 'You are <name>? Grimbold spoke to me of you. He says you fought bravely today.'
Elfhelm looks across the waters of the Isen into the distance.
'Many men fought bravely today. For many a man this was his last battle.'
  • Listen to Elfhelm
Elfhelm says, "I rode hard from Helm's Deep once Saruman's forces were spotted."
Elfhelm says, "Would that we got here sooner."
Elfhelm says, "Grimbold is with the Prince. You should go to him."

Objective 2

Grimbold is on the eyot in the middle of the Isen, with Théodred.

Grimbold says, "<name>."
Grimbold: 'Prince Théodred's wounds are grievous, <name>. He does not have much time left. I have given him a bedroll and tried to make him as comfortable as I can, but....
He shakes his head, a haunted look in his eyes.
'I am a veteran of many wars, <name>, and have seen death in all its forms, but to see King Théoden's heir like this...more than my Prince will die tonight. I fear Rohan dies with him.'
Théodred says, "Grimbold... my old friend...."
Grimbold says, "My Prince! I am here!"
Théodred says, "Is the Ford... is it...."
Grimbold says, "We still hold the Ford, my Prince. The Uruks have retreated to Isengard."
Théodred says, "Good."
Théodred says, "We need... need to keep...."
Elfhelm says, "We will hold the Ford. Saruman cannot break us, Prince Théodred."
Théodred says, "Elfhelm... I thought I saw... your shield...."
Elfhelm says, "You did, my Prince. I rode down the great Orc that gave you that wound."
Elfhelm says, "His courage deserted him, and I planted my spear in his back."
Théodred says, "Courage...."
Théodred says, "Cynstan... where is...."
Grimbold says, "You need your rest, my Prince. We will speak of Cynstan another time...."
Théodred says, "Grimbold... I am not... a child...."
Grimbold says, "Cynstan fell defending you from the Orcs, my Prince. He was very brave."
Théodred says, "<name>...."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Théodred

Théodred does not have much time left. He wants to speak to you.

Théodred: 'I want you... to know...'
Théodred coughs weakly. He is clearly near the end of his strength.
'My father... cannot stand... alone...'
He closes his eyes for a moment, but keeps speaking.
'My father... the King...'
  • Listen to Théodred
Théodred says, "He needs... allies... if Rohan is to... survive...."
Elfhelm says, "He will have them. All of us will aid King Théoden."
Rohirrim Footman says, "We will stand by him!"
Rohirrim Archer says, "Aye, we are sworn to the King!"
Grimbold says, "You will be with him, my Prince. We will bring you to Edoras."
Théodred says, "No!"
Théodred says, "Leave me... here...."
Théodred says, "I will... keep the Ford...."
Théodred says, "Éomer...."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Grimbold

Prince Théodred is dead. Grimbold wants to speak with you.

Grimbold: 'Prince Théodred is dead. We will bury him here, as was his wish, alongside his men. They will not return to Rohan, but will keep the Ford alongside their Prince until the end of all days.'
Grimbold: 'I am ready for this day to be done, <name>. I know it is the same with you.'