Quest:Instance: The Missing

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Instance: The Missing
Level 89
Type Solo
Starts at Burg-shápol
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [71.8S, 60.8W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 12
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

We have tracked the Orcs to the cave of Burg-shápol, but will we find the captive craftsmen in time?


You have found Burg-shápol, a cave in the Everholt where the missing craftsmen may be found.

Objective 1

Horn is inside Burg-shápol, the cave in the Everholt where the missing craftsmen might be found.

Horn says, "This way, <name>, and hurry! The captured craftsmen may not have much time."
Horn says, "Look! Dead Orcs!"
Horn says, "I cannot tell if these Orcs were slain by their own kind, or by some unknown friend."
Horn says, "Can you hear that?"

Objective 2

  • Search Burg-shápol with Horn

Horn is in the tunnels of Burg-shápol.

Horn: 'I hear Orcs approaching, <name>, not from ahead of us but from behind!'
'I will stay here to delay their approach, but you should press on into the cave to see what has become of the missing craftsmen. Perhaps one of them has escaped and we have him to thank for the dead Orcs we have seen already, but even so they are all likely still in danger. Go, and quickly!'
Horn says, "Press on, <name>! I will delay any pursuit."

Objective 3

  • Search the tunnels of Burg-shápol for the missing craftsmen

Horn has stayed behind to delay the approach of the following Orcs, while you search the tunnels of Burg-shápol for the missing craftsmen.

This chamber contains more dead Orcs, but no sign of the missing craftsmen
You hear raised voices from further ahead, but cannot make out any of the words
You have found a chamber of cages, and some old friends
Nona says, "<name>! Are you looking to free these folk?"
Nona says, "It seems Corudan and I have freed them first!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Nona in Burg-shápol

You have found Nona and Corudan in the depths of Burg-shápol.

Nona: 'I will tell you the story of how Corudan and I came to be here, <name>, but not just now. Let the tale wait until we are in the sunlight again. We have slain many Orcs to free these people, but the woods crawled with more of their kind and we should not tarry here.
'Is Horn here with you?'

Objective 5

Corudan is in the depths of Burg-shápol.

Corudan: 'It is good to see you again, <name>. We thought to find you in Edoras, but on the way we found an overturned waggon and sign of struggle, and thought to look for these folk. I am glad we did, for today we have saved some lives. These Orcs were ferocious. It is fortunate that most of the creatures were away when Nona and I entered the cave.'

Objective 6

  • Wait for Horn to return

Corudan is in the depths of Burg-shápol.

Corudan says, "All of you stay behind us. Someone approaches, or some many!"
Horn says, "Nona!"
Nona says, "Horn, look out!"

Objective 7

  • Survive the return of Orcs to Burg-shápol

Corudan is in the depths of Burg-shápol.

Horn says, "At last! I believe that was the end of them."
Horn: 'This was a pleasant surprise, <name>! Now let us return to town and see what tale Nona and Corudan have to share!'