Quest:Instance: The Hideout

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Instance: The Hideout
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts at Brigand Cave
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [28.7S, 49.3W]
Quest Group Epic - Vol. 1, Prologue
Quest Chain Bree-land Epic Prologue
Reflecting Pool Bree-land Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"The hunt for Amdir leads to the hideout of the brigand Skunkwood, but to what end is unknown...."


Toradan sent you to Skunkwood's hideout to rescue Amdir and put an end to the Blackwolds' mischief.

Objective 1

Speak to the Blackwold guard. If your ruse is successful, he should give you access to the hideout.

Toradan sent you to Skunkwood's hideout to rescue Amdir and put an end to the Blackwolds' mischief.

Blackwold Guard: The Blackwold guard stares up at you from beneath a furrowed brow. He spits onto the ground and studies your face for a few seconds before giving you a wry and sinister smile.
Blackwold Guard says, "You must be the new blood Ellie was talking about."
Blackwold Guard says, "You'll find Skunkwood in the back."

Objective 2

Skunkwood resides somewhere within the hideout.

You have tricked your way into the Blackwolds' hideout. Now you must find Skunkwood and speak with him to learn the whereabouts of Amdir.

William Skunkwood: 'Ah, so you're the one I've heard so much about from Ellie. We lost a lot of good men in Archet, and I'll be glad to have you in the fold.
'You say you've heard about that Ranger? I have to tell you, what is happening to that fellow is plain unnatural. Éogan tells me he'll be a great boon to us, but for now he's just a raving madman.
'I don't mind letting you go take a peek in on him. He's down in the dungeon at the far end of the caverns. My man there will let you pass.'

Objective 3

Amdir lies in the dungeons at the far end of the Blackwold hideout.

Skunkwood told you that Amdir was locked away and that what as happening to him seemed unnatural. You should find Amdir quickly.

Blackwold Ruffian says, "Skunkwood says it's all right. I'll let you pass."
Blackwold Ruffian says, "I'd be careful though, that Amdir's a dangerous one."
Man version
Amdir says, "Make it stop! Make it stop!"
Amdir says, "You...I know you...."
Beoring version
Amdir says, "Make it stop! Make it stop!"
Amdir says, "You...who are you? Who..."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Amdir

You have discovered Amdir and found that he has partially transformed into a wraith. He stopped raving at the sight of you, so perhaps there is still some hope for him.

Amdir: 'The wound... it is so cold...
'The voice... the voice speaks to me. Commands me. Tells me things. Tells me about the end of all things...the beginning of new things. It calls calls me to service...
'I must do what it says... must follow.... I serve... I must serve the Dark Lord...'
Amdir says, "The voice...make it stop!"
Amdir says, ""
Amdir says, "NO!'
Amdir says, "Escape...I must ...."

Objective 5

An old woman in the back of the cell that held Amdir called to you for help. You should help her escape.

Whatever is happening to Amdir, it has driven him completely mad, and he is far more powerful than he first seemed. His deafening scream momentarily stunned you and threw open his cell door.

Sara Oakheart says, "Come here, quickly!"
Sara Oakheart says, "Help me! Please!"
Sara Oakheart: 'Oh, thank you for coming to save me, young one! I have been held captive here for a long time! I have seen many things, and if you would be so kind as to help me out of this dungeon, I would be able to tell you a bit of what happened to your friend Amdir.'

Objective 6

  • Help Sara Oakheart out of the cave
Sara Oakheart says, "It will be good to see the sky again! Let us get going, shall we?"
Sara Oakheart says, "They took something very important from me, friend: my stick! I need to go get it!"
Sara Oakheart says, "There's the chest they put it in!"
Sara Oakheart says, "My stick. I would be lost without it."
William Skunkwood says, "Traitor! You freed the prisoners!"
William Skunkwood says, "Kill them!"

Objective 7

Try to help Toradan defeat Amdir.

As you neared the entrance of the Blackwold Hideout, you encountered Toradan and Amdir.

Sara Oakheart says, "Goodness, it sounds like there's trouble ahead!"
You have safely escorted Sara Oakheart
Toradan says, "Amdir!"
Toradan says, "By the Valar! It is too late!"
Amdir says, "...the void..."
Amdir says, "The morgul-blade... the voice... the Eye...."
Toradan says, "All of you! Stay back! It is too late for him!"
Toradan says, "I am sorry, my friend, but I must end this...."
Amdir says, "...end this? Kill me?"
Amdir says, "Is this the compassion of the Dúnedain?"
Amdir says, "The voice...the voice told the truth!"
Amdir says, "I shall end you, Toradan, my brother..."
Toradan says, "AAAH!"
Amdir says, "...and every other Ranger as well!"
Toradan says, "Uhhh...."

Objective 8

  • Speak to Toradan

After helping Sara Oakheart out of the Blackwold hideout, Toradan entered and saw what had become of Amdir. Seeing his kinsman too far gone to help, Toradan attempted to slay him, but was instead himself stricken down.

You should speak with Toradan before he perishes.

Toradan: Toradan coughs up blood. 'Amdir is... beyond saving now. You must warn... my kindred....
'Mundol is in the Mustering Cave of the Rangers. He... help him....
'Go to Underhill... ask him if... if Tanglerush delivered my message...'

Objective 9

  • Speak to Sara Oakheart

Toradan spoke about Amdir trying to kill the other Rangers and asked you to speak with Constable Underhill about a message he sent to someone named Tanglerush.

Before leaving the hideout, however, you should speak to Sara Oakheart again to see if she needs any further help.

Sara Oakheart: 'Goodness me, what a terrible sight for these old eyes! The blade that stung Amdir has done it's work, and I fear he's nothing more than a servant of the Enemy now. You should try and stop him, if you can.
'And don't worry about me. Now that I'm free of that awful cell, I'll be fine. And I've gotten my stick back. Don't know what I'd done without it.'
Sara Oakheart: "You have done me a great service this day."