Quest:Instance: The Hand of Angmar

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Chapter 3: Favour of the Chieftain
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Yrjänä
Starts at Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [19.5N, 72.0W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 13
Reflecting Pool Forochel Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Hand of Angmar
"Yrjänä, the chieftain of Sûri-kylä, desires to aid the Free Peoples of the South in their hunt for Narchuil, the ring of Amarthiel, but he fears the threats of Mordrambor..."


Yrjänä told you that the Angmarim have also come to Sûri-kylä, led by a Black Númenórean.

Objective 1

Accompany Yrjänä to meet with the emissary of Angmar.

Yrjänä: 'Let us gather the Elders and meet with this emissary from Angmar.'

Objective 2

  • Accompany Yrjänä to meet with the emissary from Angmar.

Yrjänä and the Elders of the Lossoth are to meet with the emissary from Angmar.

Yrjänä says, "I will call together those who hold the secrets that you seek, <name>."
Lassi says, "Yrjänä, look...something draws near Sûri-kylä!"
Yrjänä says, "A storm gathers, an evil wind blows..."
Mordrambor says, "Yes, scurry, worms! Bring thy fool of a chieftain to me."
Mordrambor says, "I have no time for insignificant fools. Where is thy ruler?"
Mordrambor says, "I have much to discuss with him."
Yrjänä says, "What is your business here? You have an ill air about you."
Mordrambor says, "An ill air, indeed."
Mordrambor says, "The wind, air, and water are all servants to the Iron Crown of Angmar!"
Yrjänä says, "Speak your piece, then begone!"
Yrjänä says, "I will not have my enemies walk freely through my lands."
Mordrambor says, "Enemies? Nay, thou art wrong."
Mordrambor says, "It is <name>, the enemy of Angmar and the Great Eye, who has brought me to thy lands."
Mordrambor says, "If thou were to deliver me mine enemy, a great friendship could be made between us."
Yrjänä says, "Leave now and speak no more of falsehoods."
Yrjänä says, "I do not treat with my enemies, much less the koira of my enemies."
Mordrambor says, "Thou hast made a foolish choice, base-born cur."
Lassi says, "Hold your tongue, or I will remove it. Depart and do not return."
Mordrambor says, "If thou refuse, I will take it and the heads of your people as payment for thine insolence."
Lassi and two townsfolk charges against Mordrambor but he uses his power to push them back
Mordrambor says, "Didst thou truly believe that thou could challenge me?"
Jalmari says, "Do not pay heed to his words, the Lumi-väki have long endured the cold..."
Mordrambor says, "If thou art not daunted by the cold, maybe fire will suffice!"
Mordrambor sets Jalmari on fire and Jalmari runs to the sea
Jalmari says, "Ahhhh!"
Mordrambor says, "I will return, and when I do, I expect all to be done as I have commanded."
Mordrambor says, "Defy me, and thou will share thy fate with <name>."
Townsfolk says, "What will we do?"
Townsfolk says, "How can one fight the air and the waters and fire of Angmar?"
Yrjänä: 'Come, we must seek shelter from this storm.'